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FlinThook is a computer game that is a platformer where it is necessary to show the speed and reaction. Here you have to manage with a very strange character, with a skeleton head. Honestly, other parts of the body at the main character, too, from the skeleton, including hairstyle. Due to the elements of Roguelike, you can understand all the characteristics of the character, make it even stronger, threatening and more dangerous.

In the project presented, you will find yourself in a very terrible environment, which is valid for real fear. Everyone who surrounds you, wish to make harm or pain, and even destroy you. In addition, you will come here with pirates and cosmic monsters. Well, you have not yet frightened? Then we recommend you FlinThook download torrent completely free on our site right now.


With confidence you can declare that FlinThook's platformer was able to collect only the most needed: various enemies, treasures, the salvation of the galaxy, the main character - pirate, bosses, random leveling levels and a bunch of secrets. As you already understood, the main character is a pirate, and he is simply obliged to have a hook. But the most important thing is this hook in the game you need to apply all the time to cling. Undoubtedly, in order to dramatically deal with opponents, one hook alone will not be enough, so there will still be the best gun "Blasma Pistol". The whole game is completely wrapped in a pleasant pixel graphics with excellent musical accompaniment, so we recommend you download flinthook torrent for free on our website and enjoy all splendor.

Game process

In FlinThook you have a unique opportunity to become one of the best pirates, and to bring your order in the whole game world. Here you are allowed. The presence of a hook helps you get out of the most difficult life situations. Undoubtedly, this subject will be not enough, and for this reason the developers have created for you many other types of weapons, including firearms. Use a gun, make all the monsters slower, parcel over various locations. Grab about the gold rings that are located at the top of the locations. But I want to warn you that you are extremely neat and attentive. Have fun of fast speed and exciting games. We wish you good luck!

Features FlinThook

  • In FlinThook you can cling to everything around your mighty crochet. You have the opportunity to aim and throw a huge anchor on gold rings in order to increase your dexterity and speed.
  • In the game you can shoot perfectly in any directions using Blasma Pistol! You can destroy opponents "Fresh" bullets.
  • In slow motion, you will look more cooler. You have the opportunity to slow down the time to better aim or perform a sophisticated trick.
  • In the game you must break through randomly generated pirate space ships. Each level is special, as ships are created quite by chance from hundreds of various rooms that are modified by different options.
  • You must track all pirated lords from the cluster clan! More often feeding its compass pet for determining the location of bosses, and then straighten with them and carry all the extraction back home. And remember that your rivals are not stupid at all, so be prepared for difficulties.
  • Collect all caustic relics and powerful perk-cards. Any treasures that you find will build all your legend - unlock new equipped peppers, buy upgrades in the black market.

Year: 2017
Developer: Tribute Games Inc
Publisher: Tribute Games Inc
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.125 GB

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel Core Duo
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: OpenGL 3.0
  • Space: 300 MB


Flinthook screenshot Flinthook screenshot Flinthook screenshot Flinthook screenshot Flinthook screenshot Flinthook screenshot

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