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Follut 1

Follut 1 is the legendary, a cult computer role-playing game, the action of which unfolds in the world who survived the terrible nuclear war. The publisher of the project provided is Interplay Entertainment, and its structural division of Black Isle Studios was developed in 1996. It is safe to say that Follaut 1 is one of the most famous works of a postpocalyptic genre.


Plot Follaut 1 tells us about the life of people after the scary war.

Some of them live in nuclear shelters, and the other - on the surface, representing now only empty. The main character of the presented game is a shelter from shelter. Once in one of the shelters breaks the chip that is necessary for cleaning drinking water. And the resident of the underground bunker entrustes to go looking for a water chip. It must take it into his asylum within 150 days to save the isolated community from water shortage. You can execute such a difficult task? If so, we recommend you Follut download torrent for free on our game resource, do not bluff, otherwise the inhabitants of the asylum can die from thirst. You will also be given a large open world that you can explore at your discretion. You can visit game locations, perform various tasks and fight with aggressive representatives of the surrounding world.

Game process

The most important feature of the gameplay is precisely the fact that the gamer has complete freedom of action. If you are right now Decide Follut 1 Download torrent is completely free on our wonderful site, you can travel, communicate, fight opponents, perform various tasks (main and side), get all the necessary information. The time of the first plot task allotted to search for water chip is limited to 150 days.

In fact, the main action unfolds on separate locations of locations (cities, dungeons, military bases, etc. D.) who are located across the glorification world. The transition between remote locations occurs directly on the world map. In a completely any time of movement, you can stop and quietly go to the current map of the map as in the location (depending on the area at this point it can be a desert, mountains and t. D.). At the very beginning, Follut 1 will know the location of only two locations (13th and 15th shelters). Other locations You can detect slowly during communication with characters or self-study of the global card. In more detail about this you will learn after you decide to download Follaut 1 through torrent for free on our game storage.

Random meetings

In the game during the movement along the global map, from time to time (proportional to the characteristic "luck" and depending on the map area) may occur at once. The meeting itself, directly, occurs on the location that matches the current area. In the desert you can meet absolutely anyone: shopping caravan, lonely traveler, wild animals or gangsters. With merchants and traders, you, of course, can be bargained, and with wild animals and gangsters you can even join the battle or just try to escape from them.

There are also special random meetings that occur very, very rarely (the probability is most dependent on the great value of good luck and traveler skill). Most of them are dangerous, some make it possible to detect something useful.

Year: 1997
Developer: Black isle
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Crack: Include
Download Size: 0.792 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel Pentium or similar AMD with a clock frequency of 166 MHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Video: DirectX-Compatible
  • Space: 2 GB

Follut 1 Screenshots:

Follaut 1 screenshot Follaut 1 screenshot Follaut 1 screenshot Follaut 1 screenshot Follaut 1 screenshot Follaut 1 screenshot

Mount the image, install and play.

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