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Waking up on the remote planet, you like a player you understand that you need to fight, and war. The colonization of the new planet has passed unsuccessfully, now, you as a real warrior start your fighting. How can I survive on someone else's planet? Who will help you? Nobody, only you yourself will look for resources in this game.


Hitting a hostile planet, you like a player you understand that it makes no sense to seek help.

You are no longer a colonizer, you are just a warrior who should find all the necessary resources for survival on such a planet. In the game you will become a hunter for heads. But here are the heads - predatory animals, although some can be tamed. Lefting alone in such an unusual world, you as a user can start building bases, objects, buildings. But for this you need to look around. For craftting you as a player need to constantly extract resources to provide your main character. Cool game.


You as a player must constantly use survival mode. You can extract food intake products, but you also need to collect not only bonuses, but also weapons with fallen warriors. All your enemies are constantly hunting for you. And your defense in the game is a protective base that you in the game should constantly develop. In the game Fragmented, download torrent from our free site, you can do not only with the construction of a protective base, but also to others. For survival on such a planet, you still have to teach robots that can be stabbed with a variety of devices. It's you need.

Interesting Facts

Your main character is constantly developing, so it needs to help him. Use all scored bonuses and glasses for pumping the hero. But the ammunition of your character can also be used in war. On the planet you will meet not only with others, but also with surviving colonizers.

Features Fragmented

  • Hunger and cold. In the process of the game, you should look for just such resources to provide your hero with warmth and provisions. Watch for the card.
  • Oversea's reel. Establish traps and traps to get there as much more than your enemies as possible.
  • Lats, helmets, armor. Your warrior need to make a maximum. So use glasses for the equipment of your main character.
  • Middle and distant battle in the game. In the near battle, earn the blades, and in the future - firearms, concrete weapons and weapons.

Year: 2016
Developer: Adobe and Beyond Technologies
Publisher: Adobe and Beyond Technologies
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 2.54 GB

  • OS: 64-bit OS Required, Windows Vista 64 Bit or Newer
  • CPU: Dual Core Processor
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Space: 10 GB

Fragmented Screenshots:

Fragmented screenshot Fragmented screenshot Fragmented screenshot Fragmented screenshot Fragmented screenshot Fragmented screenshot

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