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Giant Machines 2017

Manage huge cars - this is the basis for the task of such an exciting simulator. Crushing machines, bulldozers, high cranes - such enormous mahuina you should like a player learn how to use in the game. Destroying the buildings, you can earn a good bonus glasses in this simulator of cars. Download Giant Machines 2017 Through torrent you can easily and simply from our game site.


The scene line of this simulator begins with your choice.

Choose yourself a huge devastating machine. It is best to take control of the crusher as you can get a lot of resources after the destruction of the next building. Bulldozer - Something a good apparatus that will help you in the game get rid of the remains of the buildings destroyed by you. Construction cranes are a separate chip in the game. With the help of such a huge machine you can move the destroyed blocks, as well as in the game applying such an unusual technique, you can create new facilities. As they say, the cars are designed not only to destroy, but also to create!


To go through all levels of the game, you must first learn how to use such an unusual technique. In the game Giant Machines 2017, you can download torrent for free on our game portal, you as a player will exercise all your game maneuvers from the cabin of such huge cars. For proper control, use the prompts you will find on the map. The map is the main tool that you should use throughout the game. But for the construction crane you need to follow. After all, if you do not touch the falling building block, then your driver will not adopt. It is best to use dump trucks and bulldozers - there will be less problems. But still, each technique must be tested in this wonderful game simulator machine.

Interesting Facts

Interesting to you, as a player, will find out that the perfect vehicle in the game is a bulldozer and dump truck. Their main task is to get rid of garbage, and not only. After the destructive actions of crushers and onagrov, you will have to apply this technique - and the correct use of such equipment you will get extra points in this incredibly colorful and exciting simulator. Modern machines will show all their capabilities in this game!

Features Giant Machines 2017

  • Huge cars. At your own desire in the game you can test every car in training mode. So do not forget about the learning mode, do not miss it.
  • Crawler tractors. But using such a car, you can clean the territory and find there many resources for pumping your vehicles. The tractor is suitable for you in the game.
  • Repair work. Each of your selected car in the game must constantly undergo repair work. But for this, as a player, you need to take care of virtual monetary gaming products. Copy the glasses - and then you can pump your car to the maximum.
  • Graphic components. Graphics is thought out just great. Machines of huge sizes in the three-dimensional image look just amazing.
  • View from the cabin. It's just impressive when you manage a huge construction machine, seeing all game locations. But you can really switch along the game.
  • Siege cars. You can even use the real midship of the past in the game, which will help you break off impregnable stone walls and barriers. Perfect simulator for lovers of huge construction and throwing machines.

Year: 2016
Developer: Code Horizon
Publisher: Playway SA
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 2.52 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (version 64-bit only)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo with clock frequency 3.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: 1024 MB VideoMemory
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 14 GB

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