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Imagine that you get into one major European metropolis, and the crowds of desperate and violent zombies go on you. Where did they come on the streets of the city? You play this adventure game with zombie elements Action for ordinary guy, who witnessed the invasion of whole hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. But not trouble, your hero is fearless, and it can really destroy whole hordes of zombaks at every level of this fun and entertaining game.

In the process of the game, your hero will become a real fighter such a fighter. You can't imagine how many enemies are waiting for you on every location game Gibz, download torrent which you can easily and just visiting our free game portal. Zombies attack, so your desperate hero is ready to fight the enemy.


You fall into the city as well as its surroundings and see the incredible crowds of cunning and hungry zombies already attack locations, turning people in themselves like. But your main and fearless hero knows how to deftly own firearms and begins to hunt the creatures. Single mode will be very difficult to pass game missions, so it is best to play with friends in cooperative mode. Sea of ​​blood, hungry enemies, a bunch of new locations - yes, you will have to shoot a fame in the game. For each killed enemy you will get gold chips in the form of game coins, which can be spent on the modernization of the equipment and weapons of your character. But you carefully must be modernized in the game, because the number of furious opponents increases.

Mechanics of the game

On each game location, you should not only ruthlessly exterminate zombies, but also control their number. Alone is difficult to cope with such Natius enemies, so it is better to play in cooperative mode, which provides for at once four users. So more fun will, and you will quickly deal with insidious enemies. On each location besides coins you will earn extra glasses. Seeing a box or drawer, try to open it - and there you are waiting for additional bonuses. But do it carefully, because the box may have a bomb, then the level of the game will begin at first, because the hero can die. You need to destroy as much zombies as possible - in the corner of the screen you can see the number of monsters destroyed by you - the corpse counter works. Download Gibz torrent you can free on our site.


Bonuses can be spent not only on weapons, but also on the speed characteristics of your character. He will be able to move faster, he will be able to jump out huge barriers on the way, and then Zombies will hardly catch and destroy your fearless guy, who he himself did not expect that he would fall into the zombie hell!

Features Gibz

  • Crowd monsters. You will see an unprecedented amount of zombies in the game process, the number of which grows with each game stage.
  • Distribute bonuses rational. Do not use all scored glasses on the modernization of the weapons of your main character. If you all distribute correctly, then you will have additional life in the game - and this is very important.
  • Number of cartridges. Cartridges for weapons are also limited in the game, so you must carefully look for boxes, open them and search for ammunition there.
  • Graphics. You will see the present Blood Messa - crowd of corpses scattered by locations. Some primitive graphics parameters, but the game looks quite worthy, given the variety of game locations.
  • More corpses - more bonuses - no matter how paradoxically, but this is a fact. Very unusual missions, insidious heroes - and your desperate young hunter!

Year: 2016
Developer: Torrunt
Publisher: Torrunt
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.375 GB

  • CPU: 2.4 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Space: 150 MB

Gibz Screenshots:

Gibz screenshot Gibz screenshot Gibz screenshot Gibz screenshot Gibz screenshot Gibz screenshot

Adventures, Action

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