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GigaBash is a new action arcade game. After spending centuries in the bowels of the Earth, the primordial beasts of Titan fame have awakened. And now they must fight humanity - and each other - for total world domination. This time you have the chance to choose the role of a giant robot or a giant Japanese monster known as a kaiju. Now all these creatures are fighting a ruthless battle in the heart of a big city with ruined buildings, elements and other side effects. You just have to adapt to all these conditions and try to achieve a positive result in the fight.

We're sure it won't bother you too much, on the contrary, you'll enjoy every moment of the game. Compete in one-on-one battle mode with players from all over the world to see who is the true king of titans. Mode "Fight to Kill" With tons of mini-games just got even more exciting. Local game mode only. GigaBash download torrent on PC from Mechanics you can free on the buttons below.

GigaBash combines the chaos and creativity of games like Power Stone, Super Smash Bros. The ultimate monster war, breathtaking proportions of classic kaiju movies. Play "fierce titan" or "mechanical titan hunter", Throw lightning from the sky, spin the radio mast like a baton, or an entire area (along with the enemies in it) like a huge snowball. If you sow enough chaos, you'll take on the ultimate form and move on to the terrifying S-Class Titanic. The main distinguishing feature of this fighting game is that now in the game you have a real furry warrior. It looks pretty sweet and at the same time you get a whole collection of different combinations that allow you to destroy enemies almost immediately. All you need to do is just take control of the situation, practice a little with this monster and try to achieve an effective fighting game. It's hard to understand the potential at first, because of all the characters he's the most common and not that unique, but either way you have the ability to achieve victory. In combat mode you can choose from 10 unique characters, each with their own moves and playstyle. Let's see if you can tame them all! In the meantime, hurry up and download GigaBash free latest version.

Immerse yourself in a classic 4 player match or split into pairs and win 2 on 2. From cityscapes to exotic locales, fight across the globe, because there's nowhere to hide from the wrath of the Titans! Sit on the couch and challenge three friends in local multiplayer. No one's home? Don't worry, there's the internet! I would like to pay immediate attention to this. What is the game, you are waiting for the complete destruction of the city center. You can deftly jump between different buildings, use your unique abilities and destroy everything in your path. Despite the fact that such designs at first glance are decorative, they have a lot of potential, which you will definitely like. It's especially fun to watch as the enemy you encounter falls on buildings and does extra damage, destroying them. Reduce your attacks in time, block your opponents, use handles and special moves and gradually get the final shape! Learn more about the origins (and misfortunes) of the Titans in four unique single-player campaigns, each with a different protagonist, a tyrant.

Year: 2022
Developer: Passion Republic Games
Publisher: Passion Republic Games
Crack: Present (DARKSiDERS)
Download Size: 8.25 Gb

  • OS: Windows 10 / 11 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz
  • Memory6 GB
  • Video: GTX 480, GTX 570, GTX 670
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Space: 20 GB

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GigaBash screenshot GigaBash screenshot GigaBash screenshot

1. Mount the image with the help of disc emulators.
2. Install the game by following the instructions of the installer.
3. Copy the contents of the folder DARKSiDERS into the folder with the installed game, replace.
4. Play

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