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Gothic 2

The second version of the global and epic role-playing game in the style of fantasy begins with the fact that the magical and magical barrage, which kept the convicts, collapsed, and now prisoners and slaves broke out to freedom. After your main character entered an unequal battle with the main boss in the first part, the Kudeschnik and the Wizard, which you owe your life saves. But in the battle by his crystal, your chief enemy was able to wake up underground monsters, and now they are preparing an offensive for all the land of the kingdom.

The king will have to be disadvantaged, it will form troops to fight the lords of darkness. In Gothic 2 game, download torrent which is available for free on our site, you can use new skills of your warriors. But now you can get a new and invaluable artifact in this version - this ore, with the help of which you will create a weapon yourself - swords, spears, bows with arrows. But now you will fight with dragons, and a huge number of monsters and monsters.


The main actions of this version of the game will occur on one island of the Kingdom. There you can see the main port city and the unusual valley of mines. How do you remember the convicts and prisoners of the kingdoms got there, getting the necessary artifacts there. But after the magic dome fell, unexpected events began in the game. Now you will have to fight with goblines, orcs and monsters, helping your king to protect the kingdom. The battles will now be cruel, because from the depths of the Earth, the terrible creatures who want to turn the bright once kingdom in the dark kingdom. Dragons and orcs are your main opponents in the game, so you need to get valuable and important resources as much as possible - this is ore. In addition, on the island, you can find magical ancient monasteries and temples that guard magicians and magicians. There you can engage in alchemical research activities. Not only with the help of weapons, but also with the help of spells you can overcome your opponents.

Mechanics of the game

In the process of the game, you can also study animal breeding, soil processing. Even grow cultures you can, exploring the region of the kingdom. This plot is a village peaceful settlement that earth treats. So protect the peasants. As for weapons, in the game you have the opportunity to make swords and spears using ore materials. So ore is the main material that will help you get weapons. Download Gothic 2 Through torrent you can easily by visiting our new game portal. Mercenaries, rebels and magicians are the main game classes that are available in this version of the game. So choose yourself satellites, carefully studying their fighting characteristics and skills.


At the end of the review, I would like to note that you have the right to learn any land of the island. That's just afraid of the evil dragons, which combined efforts with dark forces and are already preparing their offensive on the Earth of the Kingdom. Minimize ore, and most importantly - find a valuable amulet.

Gothic 2 features

  • We are looking for a secret charm. In the course of your travel, you must find one unusual artifact, applying which you can stop the invasion of the Darkness Forces on your kingdom.
  • Explore territory. Learn each separate section of the island. There you can find new allies to fight with underground orcs and monsters with them.
  • Graphics. Graphic components are impressive. Colorful island valleys, magic temples - it will be all possible to see, exploring game locations.

Year: 2003
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Publisher: Akella
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.44 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB of RAM
  • Video: 64 MB VideoMemory
  • Space: 3.5 GB

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