Gothic 2 Night Crow Download PC Game

Gothic 2 Night Crow

This version with new additions will allow you to see even more classes of soldiers who settled both on island areas and on the mainland. I would like to note the fact that three new classes will now appear in the game - these are not the main characters with whom you have already dealt with the previous version of the game. These will be wizards of water, Corsairs and real grauders who will use any ways to get as many game artifacts as possible.

In the game Gothic 2 Night crow, download torrent which is possible for free on our updated game server, you will search the most ancient manuscripts and manuscripts. These will be your main artifacts. They will help your chief hero become simply invincible. Now it will be difficult to find them, because in the kingdom, new classes of warriors settled on the islands, who also want to obtain such important and valuable gaming items. So in this game add-on, you will resist new characters.


As usual, you will fight the monsters and monsters in the game, but only now work will slightly add, because the developers have introduced a new game site into the game, which thoroughly examine bloodthirsty monsters. It is still unknown territory. Then you will come across the real pirates that settled on the coastal site. For them, this is a free territory where you can simply be free, as well as suddenly attack other characters, getting new game resources for yourself. In the course of the game, you will see also rocky canyons - these are new places where new monsters army settled. Explore neatly with your allies such territories, and find new resources there. But the magicians of the water element are very unusual characters with whom you need to always be alert in the course of the game. So new unique territories of the kingdom are not too much. You have a chance to find there a lot of useful items, weapons and armor.

Mechanics of the game

But in the caves, real masrokers, who are waiting for the moment to rob your army. In the east of the kingdom, you will see swampy places where terrible water monsters and monsters attached, who have a connection with the already mentioned magicians of the water element. So in this game supplement you must always explore the uncharted lands of the Kingdom and study new game characters. Download Gothic 2 Crow night via torrent You can easily with our game server. Gloomy locations, battles in darkness - through all this should pass your main character of a fascinating role-playing game.

A few words

All new territory of the kingdom must be investigated. Note that on each game sector you will be waiting for a meeting with pirates, mysterious magicians and real gangsters that hide in swamps. There they found for themselves refuge.

Features Gothic 2 Night Crow

  • Game universe. The scale of the game universe has increased significantly in this version due to the introduction of a new game sector. So now for your player there are even more opportunities for research.
  • Southern Territory. It is here that you can find valuable manuscripts and manuscripts that will help your chief hero to gain unprecedented power and power.
  • Graphics. All the movements of the characters now look realistic. Mimic, gestures and behavior of heroes - Just amazes. All this thanks to new graphic improvements.
  • Sound. And more beautiful sound support is waiting for a user in this game version. So enjoy all the charms of this game.

Year: 2005
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Publisher: Akella
Crack: Include
Download Size: 2.06 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium III 1,2 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video: 64 MB
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0
  • Space: 2.2 GB

Gothic 2 Night Crow Screenshots:

Install And Play.

Added the ability to quickly save (key F5) and quick loading (F9 key).

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