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Gothic 3

War against bloodthirsty orcs and monsters who captured island cities continues. You now have to become a defender of your Earth again, and together with newly acquired friends in the game you can confront not only monsters, but also rebels. Now in this repack from the well-known developers, there are interne-free wars, new conflicts flas out, but you are as the main character who arrived at the mainland, should blood of the nose stop the bloody battles.

The orcs have long seen the kingdom of Middlend, that's just they could not seize the main mainland city, which carefully guard magicians. They managed to create an unusual magic dome, which holds the orcs from the invasion until the land has not yet been captured. In the game Gothic 3, download torrent you can completely free on our site, you will constantly fight new enemies. Learn the city, hire the allies to free the city and the kingdom from the orc forever.


Arriving on the mainland along with your new allies, you see a cruel picture - the city is completely captured by bloodthirsty creatures, the dome of the magic could not stand, and now the new monsters are trying to capture the capital of the kingdom. Who, as not your main character, can stop the invasion of monstrous creatures. Now your gaming mission is more complicated. You will need to save the main city where wars are between Orcs and representatives of the human race. As always you will need to look for new resources. Most of the population turned into slaves. They control the evil minions of the dark forces. But you for two game missions desperately fought on the island areas of the Kingdom. Only now on the mainland you will search for new types of weapons to suppress missile dangerous monsters. New alternative options are waiting for you in this repack, you will see new modified locations and many additional quests for passing.

Mechanics of the game

Especially be careful on the border areas of the mainland. There you can organize your clans of warriors and desperately resist the new armies of the orcs, who surrounded you throughout the perimeter of the capital. Desperate measures to take you as a player and your entire team to successfully complete all game missions. Download Gothic 3 Through torrent from you as a user can free by visiting our game server. Desperate battles, new magic portals and new allies - stop the bloodshed and do not give goblines from the dungeons to completely capture your kingdom.


Copp the glasses, because they will need you to modernize the skills of hunting, shooting, and there is also the opportunity to find on mainland locations New important artifacts. Use magic and your combat abilities to end the orcs forever. And their armies are constantly growing in geometric progression!

Features Gothic 3

  • Orcs Rulyat. These monsters control all the land and the kingdom roads, that's just they could not capture the main city of Middlenda. It is you who must stop such a total control by the monsters.
  • Clans. Conclude alliances and clans among the population to resist enemies. Only this way you can solve the further fate of your kingdom.
  • Combat system. The system of fighting in this version is thought out to the smallest detail. Now you can use upgraded weapons. New types of swords will be available to you in the game.
  • Graphics. Graphic properties are a bit upgraded. Now you create a new character that looks more realistic.

Year: 2012
Developer: Pluto 13 GmbH (Piranha Bytes)
Publisher: Nordic Games Gmbh
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 3.94 GB

  • Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10
  • Intel or AMD single-core CPU (2.5 GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB for Windows Vista and 7)
  • ATI X1900 or NVIDIA 7900 with 256 MB of RAM
  • Mouse, Keyboard, DVD Drive
  • Sound, Compatible S DirectX 9.0c
  • DirectX 9.0c (will be installed with a patch)
  • 3 GB of memory on hard disk

Gothic 3 Screenshots:

Gothic 3 screenshot Gothic 3 screenshot Gothic 3 screenshot Gothic 3 screenshot Gothic 3 screenshot Gothic 3 screenshot

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