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GTA 5 on a weak PC

We are glad to present the game, which is the most real creation of gaming art. Already fifth, significant part of the GTA series, are ready to send you to an exciting adventure that you never forget in life. But before that, we recommend you download GTA 5 on a weak PC on our website of web resources. This time, the game project invites you to trace the life of three people who in the past were the most real gangsters and after the respite decide to re-engage in their dark divids.

And as you already understood, you will have to manage three characters at once, but do not think that it will not be interesting, everything is much cooler than you might think. We offer you to postpone all your affairs and with your head to plunge into this exciting virtual story, which will not leave anyone indifferent.


All events in GTA 5 unfold in Los Santos - this is the city of the Sun, Starletok, and also published in the circulation of stars. Previously, he was the subject of the envy of the whole Western world, but today it is a challenge of a stray reality show, which suffocates in the vice of economic problems. In the center of all problems - the Trinity of completely different criminals who are desperately trying to grab luck for the tail in the incessant struggle for the place under the sun. Franklin - a former member of the street gang tries to tie with his past. Departed from the criminal last robber by the bank Michael discovers that the usual, honest life is not as if it seemed. Trevor, who will be turned on violence interrupts from one case to another in the hope that the sorrow is a big kush. Having exhausted all the available options, these three guys put on their own lives on their own, and learn a whole series of bold robbery in which they can survive, or die.

In general, you are not just waiting for a huge and detailed world from ever created Rockstar Games, as well as the opportunity to influence the lives and actions of the three main characters at once. But before that, we recommend downloading the game GTA 5 on a weak PC on our video game website. It is such a weaving stories of several characters will allow you to make a game project as exciting and exciting. It is also worth noting that all attributes of the popular series are fully inherent in GTA 5 - here and amazing attention to detail, and branded black humor, and riding pop culture, and even a completely new, incredibly ambitious multiplayer mode.


For the first time in the history of the series in GTA 5, there are three main characters at once, between which you can switch almost at any time. In some missions, two gamers are available at once, and in other Missions, the gamer will throw out other characters and the script. And the selection of the character occurs with the help of a circular selector, where the lower fourth sector is assigned to the hero created by the player in Grand Theft Auto Online. In the game of only 62, the main missions and a huge number of side. We suggest you download the game from our site by reference below and you will learn how to run GTA 5 on a weak PC. It is also worth noting that all missions with robbery you can pass in several ways, and in the game there are as many as 3 endings, the number of basic missions increases to 69.

Features GTA 5 on a weak PC

  • GTA 5 Waiting for you new weapons, new vehicles and also new affairs.
  • Developers have prepared new types of animals for you.
  • The game has become a denser flow of cars on the roads, as well as detailed vegetation.
  • Also here you are waiting for improved damage effects and weather conditions, and much more.

Year: 2015
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Crack: Included (Goldberg)
Download Size: 62.4 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: Pentuim 4
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video: 512 MB
  • Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 75 GB

GTA 5 on a weak PC Screenshots:

Gta 5 On A Weak Pc screenshot Gta 5 On A Weak Pc screenshot Gta 5 On A Weak Pc screenshot Gta 5 On A Weak Pc screenshot Gta 5 On A Weak Pc screenshot Gta 5 On A Weak Pc screenshot


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