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Half-Life is a debut game from Valve developers, which mixes action, adventures and award-winning technology to create a stunningly realistic world. This project received the title "Game of the Year" from more than 50 publications, which undoubtedly inspires confidence. Here you have to do everything to stay alive. The creators provided you with an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and opponents from around the world.

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The plot of the game is narrated without the help of any video deposits, breaks in time and similar techniques. The development of the entire history is due to the scripted scenes that function inside the game action. With this approach, the gameplay and supply of the plot itself form a single whole. Half-Life is not divided into levels or mission. The game world is divided into cards by technical limitations.

For all the events that happening you will watch the eyes of the chief character, whose name is Gordon Freimen. He is a physicist and works in the scientific center called "Black Mesa". During the study of the anomalous material, our hero completely accidentally opens the portal between the worlds. It is possible to survive only due to the protective suit. Now he is the only one who remains from the whole personnel, and all hope is only on you. You must close the portal through which terrible, terrible creatures and monsters penetrate the Earth. In fact, with the presented game, most started acquaintances with computer games, it is for this reason that we recommend downloading Half-Life through torrent for free on our wonderful site and remember the hasive feelings.

Game process

In fact, the gameplay of this game is almost the same as in many modern games, by the way, almost similar to Halwe 2. In Half-Life, you have to wander along the corridors of the laboratory complex, while destroying all the monsters on their way, which you fell at hand, and also solve interesting puzzles. Also in the game in the first one was given the opportunity for full interaction with the surrounding objects. For example, in order to get to the ventilation, it is necessary to substitute boxes, while shooting in the wall, traces. In addition, this project has a stunning intellect and is the first game in which the geimer gives a partner in the form of NPC. Graphics in the game can now seem not very high quality, but for that time it was a real breakthrough.


In Half-Life Arsenal of weapons is a combination of earthly and alien armaments. Here you can use for the destruction of opponents 14 types of weapons, also occasionally, turces and stationary guns will be available. Most of them have alternative shooting mode. There is also a melee weapon - a mount, which has become a real symbol of Gordon. From the firearms I want to highlight the Glock 17 gun, the COLT Python revolver, MR5 submachine gun with a 40-mm grenade pump M203, shotgun Franchi SPAS-12 and RPG ATGM-4000.

In the second half of the game Gordon Fremen finds the most powerful experimental weapon - Tau-gun and gluon gun. Gamer can apply against opponents' clusters explosive ammunition type of fragmentation garnet and radio-controlled Fugas. In order to organize dangerous traps for opponents, it is necessary to use mines with a laser sensor.

Year: 1998
Developer: Valve Software
Publisher: Valve Corporation
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.244 GB

  • CPU With a clock frequency of 800 MHz or above
  • 128 MB Memory
  • Video 32 MB+
  • OS Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10
  • Mouse, keyboard
  • DOSstupid online

Half-Life Screenshots:

Half-Life screenshot Half-Life screenshot Half-Life screenshot Half-Life screenshot Half-Life screenshot Half-Life screenshot

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