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Half Life 2

This time, the developers of Valve Corporation opened you the door to a stunning game called Half Life 2, which saved the entire anxiety, call and internal voltage atmosphere. The creators added new realism and interactivity into it, in which the presence of a gamer affects almost everything that surrounds it - from the physical environment to behavior and even emotions, both comrades and opponents.

The player again raises the scholar of the student, whose name is Gordon Freimen - he detects himself on flooded strangers of the earth, the resources of which are rapidly empty, and the population dies. Now Freamen will have the inevitable role of the Savior of mankind from all evil, which he released free in Black Mesa. Almost all people hope for him. You are ready to help our chief hero in such a difficult situation? Then hurry Half Life 2 download torrent completely free on our game resource right now.


At the very beginning of the game, the mysterious G-Man mentally wakes up Gordon and hints very foggy on again the upcoming "great cases". After a couple of seconds, Fremen is already on the train, which arrived in City 17. It is completely unarmed and is there without his protective energy industry, who serves him by the faithful assistant and more than once saved life in the first part of the game. After some time, the situation begins slowly clearly, it turns out that City 17 is under the authority of the totalitarian government, the head of which is Wallace Brin. Later it turns out that he is a former administrator of the Research Center Black Mesa. However, Bryn, in turn, is a pawn in the hands of the leaders of the powerful Union - the Alliance.

All portal storms that began after the death of Nichilant across the earth immediately attracted special attention to the Alliance Council, and soon their troops attacked the Earth - starting the war called "Semichasovaya", because after seven hours of war, Bringer forced the remaining people to fold all the weapons. Thanks to such actions, he earned the patronage of the Council and became the authorized chairman of the government on Earth. Now all the troops of the Alliance fully control the entire planet, in addition to only some small foci of resistance. Gordon, who arrived in the city, widespread their integration. Some parts of the buildings are modified by ferrous metal fortifications. The entire terrain is beginning to patrol mobile robots scanners, which are followed by the entire setting in the city. It employs an organization that is called "Civil Defense" - specially trained in combat skills people who entered the internal police of the Alliance. However, the most terrible means of conviction of the government became synthetic robots - biomashines. In order to plunge into the exciting atmosphere of the game, we recommend downloading the game Half Life 2 through torrent for free on our game storage.


Most opponents who are familiar with Half-Life appear in Half-Life 2. These include hedkrabs, barnacles and zombies, however most of the game takes place in the fights with alliance troops using significant military forces against the pride and rebels: from patrol civil defense to combat vehicles, as well as strikers.


In Half Life 2 Gordon, most of the game will have to fight alone, it was also in the first half-life. In some episodes, he uses the Allies. In fact, they are members of resistance, but friendly vortigons, and ant lions will meet on its way. I also want to note that in some locations Gordon meets with more important NPCs, such as Alix Vance, Barney Kalhun and Robot Alix - Dog.

Year: 2004
Developer: Valve Software
Publisher: Valve Corporation
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.68 GB

  • CPU With clock frequency not lower than 1.7 GHz
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 5.3 GB of free diskOSTranche
  • Video with the support DirectX 8.1 (SSE support required)
  • OS XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • Keyboard, mouse

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Half Life 2 screenshot Half Life 2 screenshot Half Life 2 screenshot Half Life 2 screenshot Half Life 2 screenshot Half Life 2 screenshot

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