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Half-Life 2

We present to your attention Half-Life 2 from talented developers of Valve Software, which is recognized as the best game of the year more than 35 publications. In fact, this game has become a real standard. She has no competitors in terms of realism, the artistry of digital actors, the perfection of the algorithms of the behavior of monsters and the quality of the physical model. For this reason, we recommend you Half-Life 2 download torrent for free on our wonderful site.



This time, the game Half-Life 2 again shocks the entire gaming industry with a magnificent combination of intense and continuous, tightening plot. This project has gained a large number of awards, cleaned the franchise that sold over eight million box versions worldwide.

Presented part of players from all over the world waited for more than six years. And finally this day has come. This time you have to play for silent Mr. Gordon Freamen. Half-Life 2 begins from the moment when G-MAN displays from the Stasis (which shouted us at the end of the first game), at that moment when you were in one of the trains. After that, you get into the post-Soviet city somewhere in the Baltic States ... However, something is wrong here ... Immediately after a small investigation, our main character understands that the entire planet captured a certain alien organization, which is called the Alliance. All humanity is enslaved, and from the planet Earth, all the vital resources are gradually repaid. Our character immediately understands that such a turn of events is impossible to endure more and decides to go on a dangerous way to correct what is happening misunderstanding. You are ready to help our chief hero? Then hurry Half-Life 2 download torrent for free on our game resource. Also in the game you can meet all your old friends in black mesa, Dr. Brin, Ilaty Venna and Barney, who will give you your favorite tool - Mount. Half-Life 2 will keep you in constant tension all the time, here there are chases, and traveling to survival on boats and karts, an incredible raid through the dead city, and most importantly, these are endless shootouts. We, with confidence, we can state that the game will leave only unforgettable impressions. If you do not believe us, you can check yourself, for this you need Half-Life 2 download torrent for free on our game storage.

Features Half-Life 2

  • Characters. Thanks to an incredible facial animation system, which allows you to create game characters with an unprecedented extent of exterior, the game has become even better. You can apply 40 separate "muscles", all characters transmit a complete variety of human emotions, while demonstrating adequate and reasonable situations of the reaction to the behavior of the hero.
  • Excellent physics. In the game, all objects behave naturally, as in real life, fully obeying the laws of physics, taking into account the mass, friction, gravity and buoyancy.
  • Beautiful graphics. Thanks to the new image generation system with the support of shaders, the creators were able to fully draw previously unprecedented in computer games, amazing on beauty and realistic gaming environments.
  • Intelligence. In the game, any friends nor enemies are not thrown into a fight, breaking his head. They fully appreciate the state of the threat, choose the best and right path at rough terrain and collect weapons from what is at hand.

Year: 2004
Developer: Valve Software
Publisher: Valve Corporation
Download Size: 2.68 GB

  • CPU With clock frequency not lower than 1.7 GHz
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 5.3 GB of free diskOSTranche
  • Video with the support DirectX 8.1 (SSE support required)
  • OS XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • Keyboard, mouse

Half-Life 2 Screenshots:

Half-Life 2 screenshot Half-Life 2 screenshot Half-Life 2 screenshot Half-Life 2 screenshot Half-Life 2 screenshot Half-Life 2 screenshot

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