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Half-Life 2 Episode Two

Half-Life 2 Episode TWO is the second part of the computer game trilogy, which is designed and published by Valve in 2007. This project is presented in the genre of the first person shooter.

For the last time you were seen in the skins of the candidate of science Gordon Freyman, who left with Alix Vance City-17. It is at this moment when the citadel flew into the air from a strong explosion.

If you have not yet played the game presented, you strongly recommend you Half-Life 2 Episode Two download torrent for free on our game resource. Here you need to break through and rush through the forces of the Alliance through the White Forest in order to deliver a package with critical information that was stolen into the Citadel, to the resistance base - in the hands of scientists.


Half-Life 2 Episode TWO is the third and final part of the second halva. The plot of the game begins almost immediately after the end of the previous part, to be more accurate, then after the destruction of the citadel over which the huge portal appears. He is able to deliver a large number of alliance troops and forever put the world of the planet Earth on his knees. Undoubtedly, Dr. Yalay Vance found a way out, and immediately for the rescue, our silent protagonist. Freeman together with Alix found all the necessary information in the citadel, and now they are brought to the main stronghold of the rebels. However, on the way, they notice that the army of the Alliance goes to the offensive at the rebels, and now they need to be ahead of them. In general, the second episode of the game turns with a wild race. If you want to save the fate of the planet and the life of the entire population, then we recommend Half Life 2 Episode 2 download torrent for free on our site.

Features Half-Life 2 Episode TWO

  • Hunter. Due to its small size, the hunter can penetrate the buildings and shelter, where it would seem, no enemy can get to get. These creatures possess advanced AI and good skill to act in the team. Hunter strong and melee battle, and can easily attack the player with a run. In a long battle, the hunter shoots queues from explosive energy. Also, it is perfectly shy, quite stronger for ordinary small arms. From one hit, you can destroy the hunter with the help of RPG missile (on the light and middle level of complexity), a plasma ball of a pulse rifle and knocking the car (with overclocking).
  • Worker ant Lev. It often meets during various travels to the nest of ant lions. Unlike its other predecessors, the workers do not rush on the player, but simply try to keep nearby, shelling it with the volunteers of acid acid (by the way, the same acid they do the moves in rock). Even a small acid hit can reduce the health indicator. During the death of worker, the worker lion emphasizes the ambient space by acid splashes.
  • The larvae of ant Lviv. They are harmless creatures for the player. They are littered with the nest of ant lions. By the way, after their death, yellow balls fall out of them, which possess a weak healing effect. Also larvae can serve as an additional source of lighting in dark tunnels.
  • Guardian nests of ant lions. This is a completely new kind of Mimmidont, which is characterized by yellow-green coloring and poisoning bite. They guard the larvae and pursue a player while traveling. In no case, it can not be killed at that time until the vortigolon eligates the larvae extract, since otherwise the extract will be spoiled. Read more with all updates you can read after you decide to download Half-Life 2 Episode 2 through torrent for free on our game storage.
  • "Overall" fast zombie. This is the fastest zombie from all its predecessors who lost the bottom of the body.

Year: 2007
Developer: Valve Corporation
Publisher: BUKA
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 4.61 GB

  • OS: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Widows XP / Widows 10
  • CPU: 1.7 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video: Video, Compatible S DirectX 7/8.1 (with SSE support)
  • Space: ~ 8.4 GB

Half-Life 2 Episode Two Screenshots:

Half-Life 2 Episode Two screenshot Half-Life 2 Episode Two screenshot Half-Life 2 Episode Two screenshot Half-Life 2 Episode Two screenshot Half-Life 2 Episode Two screenshot Half-Life 2 Episode Two screenshot

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