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Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

The third version of this spy horror with elements of the searches of items was even more expressive, given the fact that now your main opponent is a secret neighbor, which for a long time sets up in the basement, engaged in incomprehensible affairs, has become much more consistency. It adapts to this improved game version under the actions of your protagonist, so now the level of artificial intelligence of your opponent has increased significantly.

In the game Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 download torrent you can free on our updated game portal, new game tasks will be available to you. Now the house has greatly improved. This is a new game specimen with new secret rooms and rooms. No flashlight Now you can not do in the game, because to go down to the basement, you will definitely need such an important game attribute. So explore new locations and look for keys from the basement in other rooms.

Game Fabul

Your main character was evicted from the apartment. He came to another notice, and now he moves to a quiet town, removes the house there and begins to watch his freshly baked neighbor, which is engaged in some incomprehensible activities. All the time your main enemy digs on the basement, trying to hide something incomprehensible to. Curiosity of your protagonist just does not know borders, and now you secretly try to penetrate the house of your opponent. But in this improved version, your neighbor will also observe your actions, trying to work out its own strategy. Just so pumping your neighbor will be difficult, so here you need to try to carefully study new locations both outside the house and inside. Overcome your opponent will be much harder, because his mental abilities rise from the level to the level. At any time, your neighbor can catch your protagonist by surprise. And then trouble do not.


In this alpha version of your main opponent easily learns. It quickly adjusts to your character, it fully controls and exploring all your game actions to develop your tactics and strategy for myself. He is so easier to catch your character who has already thrown his nose in other people's affairs. Download Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 through torrent you can absolutely free on our new game site. As playing levels passing, you will encounter new objects that will need to find. First of all - these are the keys that open different doors. After all, the house of your neighbor has become much more - and this means more opportunities for researching new rooms.


If your neighbor finds out that you sniff out something in his house, then beware of his next tricks. But also try to place as many traps as possible for such a new advanced and mental shredded hero. Works will be a lot, but still you need to find out that a neighbor hides in the basement.

Features Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

  • Sunny neighbor. In this version, your main opponent can independently change the game locations to put you in a deadlock. The elevated level of antagonist artificial intelligence is affected here.
  • Look for possible ways. Show the Smekalka to penetrate your neighbor's house. Do it not easy because there are new surprises from your sullen dishearter inside the house.
  • Rooms at home. You must explore new rooms, you can find a flashlight in the kitchen, because without it it is better not to descend into the basement. So learn new locations at home to successfully penetrate the basement.

Year: 2017
Developer: Dynamic Pixels
Publisher: TinyBuildGames
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.892 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: i5 and up
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Video: Gtx 770 and up
  • Space: 2 GB

Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 Screenshots:

Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 screenshot Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 screenshot Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 screenshot Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 screenshot Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 screenshot Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 screenshot

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