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Heroes of sword and magic 3

The next version of the iconic role-playing game will occur on an updated large-scale game card, where you can now manage new characters, capture cities, study and extract resources. But the main thing in this version is step-by-step tactical tasks that you can perform. If earlier it was possible to build whole cities in a fictional fantasy world, now you will only be able to precipitate, or seize entire cities and settlements with your mythical and unique characters.

In the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3, download torrent which is possible for free on our game server, you are waiting for global missions. Without new magic forces and spells, you can not do, especially since now you have to save the kingdom from the invasion of dark barbarians.

Story line

The next version of the popular game will tell about the new invasion of your fictional world. This time you will attack the devilish forces and representatives of Satan himself. As usual, you have to make a grand journey through the kingdom, fighting with the minions of darkness. Their main leader wants to ensure that all the land of the kingdom. But your character, together with other warriors, armed with new weapons, will study new magic spells and with the help of magic and magic will be able to have a serious resistance to the enemy. One of the main innovations in the game process will be the cities that you can develop yourself, you can build on the territory of the city defensive fortresses. But to build the city you will not succeed. When you conquer enemy cities, there you can deal with the necessary resources, and there is also the opportunity to meet there new mythical creatures that can be attached to combat operations. So global missions are already beginning to you again, in which it will already be necessary to fight the army of Satan. And to do it, as always, not so and just.


Each game day will bring you the opportunity to build one important structure in the city. The more cities in the kingdom you can conquer or capture, the more resources will be able to get to upgrade your combat units to upgrade. Download Heroes Might and Magic 3 Through torrent you can directly from our free game portal. In the course of the whole gameplay, you can receive additional bonuses for the development of the character of the game. Purchase new mythical creatures that faithfully will serve your army. Although the ministers of the devil also make a move of a horse, trying to relocate such valiant characters to their side. The game provides a step-by-step tactical strategy. Examine attentively sector of the enemy, and then storm you won the whole city on the map.


On the map you will move on different locations. At each level you can find new enemies, as well as you as the commander-in-chief of your units, should skillfully manage the actions of your army to successfully seize and destroy all enemy territories. In the game you need to think a lot to lead your army of unusual creatures!

Features of the heroes of sword and magic 3

  • Enemy fortresses. After you can capture many enemy objects, you will have access to new artifacts - these are spells and unique Magic Forces.
  • Capture your territory. You will still be able to defend your castle or city from the raids of the barbarians and the Satanic Forces. So not only attack, but also you will have to defend.
  • Game card. This is a large-scale and grand card, stuffed with different buildings and resources. So before going into battle, learn the game card thoroughly.

Year: 1999 - 2001
Developer: BUKA
Publisher: New world computing
Crack: Include
Download Size: 0.964 GB

  • OS: Windows 95/98 / NT / XP / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium 133
  • Video: 32 MB compatible with DirectX 7.0a
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Space: 1 GB

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Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 screenshot Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 screenshot Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 screenshot Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 screenshot Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 screenshot Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 screenshot

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