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Hi, neighbor

Oh, these neighbors, so strive to survive from the house of your main character of such a fascinating game. An unusual guy who loves builds all sorts of neighbor's dirtiness. What happened? How your main character of the game could hear such a hero? Answers to all such questions you will learn by directly installing the game to your computer. In the game Hi, a neighbor, download torrent you can free on our game portal, you will witness new adventures, and you can also see new readiness that your hero will demonstrate against your hero.

But here do not seldom, because this new game project provides for Horror's mode, where your fears will need to go a little. The game is saturated with new game moments, so you will miss you as a player do not have to. How to withdraw from the balance of your neighbor? Need to act right now!

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Penetrating into the house of your main antagonist, you will need to first explore all the rooms to find unusual items there. Each familial game artifact will allow you to go to another room. The aggression of the neighbor will constantly increase, so it will be necessary to follow the scale of aggressiveness. In this version of the game you will move on locations - up and down, down and up so that your main opponent can be overtake you. If suddenly you can not cope with tasks assigned to you, then the game missions will begin first. So learn your evil neighbor, to then be able to build him different nasty. In the house where your main opponent is located, terrible events occur, so you will also need to look for new game resources to actually survive from the house of your enemy. Build traps for a neighbor, but you yourself like a player catch on his network. So expel the neighbor from the house is a difficult task.

Mechanics of the game

To successfully go through all the gaming missions, you will need to fully search for home. Look for secret rooms, look into the crack, but you must definitely find the evil neighbor, who attached, and waits when you arrange him another dirty. Download game hello neighbor via torrent you can completely free by visiting our updated game server. You can also use various objects found against your annoying neighbor. Complete many new locations and arrange a real nightmare for your annoying neighbor! And it will also be possible to enjoy a little, because it is performed in humorous style.


In conclusion, I would like to note such a fact that your neighbor in the game needs to be carefully studying. He first hides in the house, then it can be seen in the basement. Probably, he is preparing unimaginable. Rather, set the game to your computer - and you will learn a lot of new and interesting!

Features hi neighbor

  • Dainty. Place the adhesive tape on the toilet, find on the tablets locations, just find all the opportunities so that your neighbor is crazy - for this get bonus rewards.
  • Aggressively tuned neighbor. Exploring the location of the house, you need to carefully study all the rooms, because your main enemy may appear from nowhere. In the rooms you can find the necessary items in order to make fun on your opponent.
  • Neighborhoods. Your anti-hero will withstand you as a player. But you must set as many traps as possible so that your opponent gets on the fishing rod!
  • Graphics. Arcade graphics, interesting locations, many dialogs. A neighbor needs to be packed right now, playing such a game.

Year: 2017
Developer: Dynamic Pixels
Publisher: TinyBuild
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.39 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Core i5
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Video: GTX 770
  • Space: 2 GB

Hello Neighbor Screenshots:

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