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Hi Alfa Alfa 1

How can you get an annoying neighbor? He instantly intimidated you, he did not have a question, but your character of such a fascinating arcade game will now experience certain fears. What are they going to ask you? And in the fact that you will need to explore the basements of your evil enemy. According to the idea of ​​the game, there is your main antagonist hides dismembered bodies. Now you need to find all the evidence and bring such an evil enemy to clean water.

Neighbors are good and calculating. So find the opportunity to go through successfully all the dark basement, while your neighbor saw you. Download Hi Alfa Alfa 1 Through torrent, you can directly from our updated gaming portal. Now the gloomy basements you have to open, and there you will be waiting for a meeting with the already familiar neighbor who will be constantly pursued, because you, as a player, violated him.

Game Fabul

First, everything seems to be fine. A neighbor lives next to you, but it can be called a real hermit, because it constantly spends most of the game time in the basement. Why he often leaves the limits of his house? That he is looking deep in the basement? Now you as the main pest and a funny packet must find out the causes of the events. Your main antagonist in the basement seems to be watching TV, digs in things, but only as you get into the basement and break the peace of the evil fat man, then you just need to look for all the possibilities in order not to get to the eyes of a distraught neighbor. New underground missions, new opportunities for your hero, and just a beautiful and bright game that. Millions have already been installed. Yes, and about the next version of such a fun game!. To go on the location of your secretive neighbor, you will need to hack the door. But how to do it? We go further by review.

Mechanics of the game

You are always the readiness inside the house of an annoying neighbor. But now you have to fall into the basement. It is on such a location that you will be very difficult to bother your neighbor. After all, he suppresses you a lot of traps, and even more so that you will try to get your anti-hero in the gloomy rooms. In the game Hi Alfa Alpha 1, download torrent which is available for free on our game portal, you can show some unusual talents. After all, act in dark locations, trying to pump the enemy - it is not easy. So while the neighbor is watching TV in the basement, your protagonist will quickly be able to react on situations and putting traps.


What would I want to celebrate at the end of the game review. It should be noted that in this original version, you will be able to build a goat in a new way. Your antagonist is a beech that was well attached to the basement - but you can expect any! Get your anti-hero on the full program!

Features hello neighbor alpha 1

  • Protagonist. Your hero is the experienced and cunning fox, which at any time will be able to pump his embittered neighbor.
  • Trap. How to put the traps? Here you need to hurry, because your antagonist is about to wake up, and then traps and all the missions planned to you will cover copper pelvis!
  • We are looking for the opportunity to share the hero. In this version of the game, you must study the episodes of the game in advance. On each game round, a certain amount of time is given - so hurry.
  • Funny moments. Your character, successfully passing the game round, will mock over a defeated enemy. And for it you will get game bonuses. The fun atmosphere of the game will allow you to just laugh at the clumsy actions of your neighbor!

Year: 2016
Developer: Dynamic Pixels
Publisher: TinyBuildGames
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.583 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: i5 and up
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Video: Gtx 770 and up
  • Space: 2 GB

Hi Alfa Alpha 1 Screenshots:

Hi Alfa Alpha 1 screenshot Hi Alfa Alpha 1 screenshot Hi Alfa Alpha 1 screenshot Hi Alfa Alpha 1 screenshot Hi Alfa Alpha 1 screenshot Hi Alfa Alpha 1 screenshot

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