Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! Download PC Game Free

HOLY POTATOES! A Weapon Shop?!

Want to create new weapons along with your funny characters that remind appearance of ordinary potatoes? Want to create a real plant for the production of a variety of weapons and become a real potato businessman? Want to get just a sea of ​​pleasure from such a humorous strategy? Then appreciate the process of this exciting and fun game. At your disposal will be more fifty charming potato characters, each of which will perform their gaming missions, depending on what character you select in the game.

Game Holy Potatoes and Weapon Shop, download torrent which is possible with our game portal, is saturated with irresistible missions that will be plentious!


In this game you get into a funny potato world and meet a variety of heroes. But you will not just wander and collect objects, you must create your own company for the production of various weapons. In the process of the game, you will create your weapon empire, but for this you need game glasses. Alone, you will not be able to do this, so you need to hire workers, create illegal laboratories for the production of weapons and then you can become a real potato magnate. You start with the production of simple cold weapons - knives, bayonets, daggers, and then you can create firearms. But you have to work for this.


First, in the game you create small weapons manufacturing workshops, you illegally earn yourself bonus glasses to gradually develop your potato weapon business. All characters, including animals, are vegetables, so you can enjoy gaming missions. As a small entrepreneur you develop your empire gradually. You can expand your underground workshops with assistants. Therefore, it is best to spend accumulated gaming products on hired workers who will work in the workshops in the day and night, bringing you good dividends in the game. Download Holy Potatoes and Weapon Shop through torrent will be able to every visitor of our absolutely new gaming site. You not only produce, but also sell your own weapons. So your potatoes should bring you as many points as possible, both from sales and from the production of different weapons.

Interesting Facts

In the game you will constantly be at each stage to look for any items to cross them into your underground workshops to create weapons. Some items are hidden on locations, so looking carefully to create a powerful potato weapon empire. The mass of bright and comic moments are prepared in the game.

Features Holy Potatoes! And Weapon Shop?!

  • Weapon you produce. In order to create a completely new weapon, you must travel through the animation potato world in search of useful items and artifacts. After all, just so weapons you will not create.
  • Your assistants. The more hired strength you can attract into your business, the faster you can create a variety of weapons and sell them in the black market.
  • Open multiplication world. Each location in the game is unique in its own way, so you will see a lot of bright territories, shops, organizations, where vegetable men deftly build their business.
  • Open your weapon store. After you produce a lot of weapons, you will have a chance to open your own store to sell there weapons and make a profit to improve your business.
  • Choose and communicate with subordinates. In voice mode, you can give orders and orders to your hired workers.

Year: 2017
Developer: Daylight Studios
Publisher: Daylight Studios
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.193 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: 256 MB
  • Hard disk space: 2 GB

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! Screenshots:

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! screenshot Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! screenshot Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! screenshot Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! screenshot Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! screenshot Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! screenshot

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