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How to get a neighbor 2

The next part of a fascinating and spectacular arcade humorous game will transfer your main character on hot beaches, where he went a little rest. But no hope - again the annoying neighbor was next to you. Now he also went to relax with his mother. Mom has a dog that constantly shits on the beach. You will not be able to relax, because it will be necessary to pacify your main and already familiar neighbor in the game how to get a neighbor 2, download torrent you can free on our game server.

Now you need to look for new items to really get a neighbor and relax to relax on the hot beach. But for this you need to try well, and again to express your creative opportunities. Now you need to pacify two annoying and twisted characters at once. Mom your hero is a very magnificent woman, which you just don't get.

Plot game

Your already familiar hero Woody went to the beach to relax a little. But his familiar neighbor also arrived there. Nothing remains to do how to build the instruments of your bite. At the very beginning of the game, you should take advantage of all the priests that took with you to rest - tanning creams, lotions, carbonated water and even food. When your rival on the game will go to buy a little, you can use the moment and pierce him an inflatable mattress. Also instead of a tan cream, you can use ketchup. Only again you will need to do the hardware unnoticed for your opponent, and not the game process will start again from the very beginning. Use seashells, put stuck items under the mattress - do anything, if only your neighbor, together with her family left the beach. Then you can safely relax. In the game you constantly have to think, look for items in this part of the game more difficult, so turn on the brains from the very beginning of the game - then the result will be on face.


If you suddenly go to your neighbor, then there will be trouble - he can hit you very much, and the game will start first. You can use marine animals - crabs, crabs. Pick sticks on the beach - they will be accustomed to you in the game. Use your seamless, come up with new traps for a neighbor, get new bonus rewards. Download how to get a neighbor 2 through torrent you can free and fast on our updated game portal. Remove the full program of the neighbor, and then you can easily enjoy the sea and rest. Think everything in the game. Place the carbonated water, having embarsed the bottle. This, too, you can harm your neighbor. And come up with the dirtiffs for your main opponent's mom. Graphics are excellent and colorful, so enjoy the new version of the game.

Interesting Facts

Be sure to use marine animals. For example, the crab can be put under the blanket while your opponent will swim in the sea. I will still need to find as many items as possible to create the maximum number of cappos and traps. Very original version in which you do not have to miss.

Features How to get a neighbor 2

  • New subjects. Take away from the neighbor cream for a tan and put a bottle of ketchup. Use all kinds of items that can be found on the beach.
  • The complexity of the game. Now you will not quickly find items, you need to look for a long time.
  • Trap. On the beach you should arrange as much as possible traps from the objects you found so that your opponent has a nervous breakdown. Game how to get a neighbor, download torrent 2 part of which can be on our website, it turned out unusual.

Year: 2004
Developer: Jowood Studio Vienna
Publisher: Jowood Productions
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.439 GB

  • OS: XP / ME / 2000/98 / 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: Intel Pentium II, 233 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Video: 3D Graphics Card Compatible WITH DirectX 8
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 8c
  • Space: 370 MB

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How To Get A Neighbor 2 screenshot How To Get A Neighbor 2 screenshot How To Get A Neighbor 2 screenshot How To Get A Neighbor 2 screenshot How To Get A Neighbor 2 screenshot How To Get A Neighbor 2 screenshot

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