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I Am Future

I Am Future is a new survival strategy game in a post-apocalyptic setting. Many years have passed since the collapse of civilization. The former high-tech city is now flooded, only the roofs of the buildings look like islands from the water, and the advertising banners have faded from the scorching sun and sea air, the roofs of the buildings are overgrown with grass and trees. Nature has gone its own way, and animals and birds have become the new inhabitants of the city.NYE. But as night falls, unseen creatures appear that may pose a threat.

Many years have passed since the catastrophe. The city was progressive in the past, but now there is water everywhere. Only the roofs of buildings are visible, as well as islands covered with vegetation and trees. Nature has taken over civilization, wildlife and birds have returned to their rightful places. But at night, unknown creatures appear, threatening the life of the protagonist. One day they find themselves on the roof of an apartment building. It seems like there's not a soul around you. But who says that in the post-apocalyptic world everything has to be bad, and you can only survive? Why not start a new life by buying an apartment with the best view? I Am Future download mechanics torrent on pc.

Turn an abandoned rooftop into a spacious, comfortable home. If you're starting from scratch on an empty rooftop, explore the city's outskirts, find the right resources and equipment for your interior. Step by step, create a comprehensive multifunctional basis for your work and life - one that suits you personally! All appliances and electrical appliances are part of the. Carefully disassemble the found objects, disassemble the necessary elements and use them to assemble a futuristic device according to the received drawings. Of the positive qualities of the apocalypse is the vast amount of time for various hobbies. You can arrange a vegetable garden on the roof, and the water is full of fish. Grab it and get ready for different dishes. In the meantime hurry up I Am Future download torrent latest version on PC. Assemble essential gadgets from old appliances. Old microwave ovens, rusty cars, and old computers all work! Carefully disassemble the equipment to retrieve the necessary parts and set them to work assembling the futuristic equipment according to the blueprints you find. Create automated helpers and humanize buildings. Find friends who will not let you get bored! Invite artificial minds into your buildings, listen to their thoughts and advice, and develop relationships with them! Or get some pets - they are useful for automating routine tasks, among other things.

Fishing, cooking and farming. The Death of Civilization? You still have a lot of time to learn new hobbies!The roof is perfect for building a garden and is surrounded by seawater full of fish that can be part of a delicious Mediterranean cuisine! Protect your base! It seems that nature has not yet changed, and there are new dangers that you did not know before. Install defensive structures and be careful! Explore a flooded city and its secrets. What really happened to humanity and how they ended up on the roof? The answers lie somewhere in the ruins of the city, and can you get to the bottom of?

Year: 2022
Developer: Mandragora
Publisher: tinyBuild
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 520.1 Gb

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

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I Am Future screenshot I Am Future screenshot I Am Future screenshot I Am Future screenshot I Am Future screenshot I Am Future screenshot

1. Download and unpack the game
2. Run the file IAF - DevBuild.exe
3. Play.

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Sandbox, Strategy, Adventure, Simulation

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