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Ice period 3

The adventures of funny cartoon characters continue in this bright and exciting game created by all the favorite cartoon film. Huge mammoth, his companion, which he gained in the previous version of the game, saber-toothed tiger and funny, funny, and sometimes the stupid sludge will meet again to get into the whirlpool of new adventures. The glacier has long melted and stepped down. Now you will fall into another world, which is inhabited by prehistoric beings, with whom you have to face in the game.

Everything went according to plan, you just traveled around the plant world, how suddenly your partner Side - the sludge came the idea - to paint eggs. He did not know who belong to the eggs, and now all team members face a new danger. In the game Ice period 3 game, download torrent you can free, you are waiting for new dangerous adventures in the prehistoric world. You got there by chance, and now you need to cope in all difficulties and dangers in the game.


Passing around the plant world, you found a secret door, which for a long time was hidden by ice boulders. You have an curiosity, and now, opening the door, you will fall on an unusual underground island. That's just there is local inhabitants of very unfriendly creatures. You opened the door to the prehistoric world, which is inherence with terrible and gigantic reptiles and dinosaurs. And your companion did paint the eggs of dinosaurs. Naturally, they didn't like this course of events, and now you will hunt the most dangerous predators. In this version of the game, your adventure will become even more dangerous, because such creatures will not stop before. They need to return stolen eggs as soon as possible, and not all of your heroes will have to be difficult. Naturally in such a world you need help, and now at your service a new character in the game is a prehistoric creator hunter, a funny character named tank, which will help you pass all the labyrinths of the underground prehistoric world. The game will have a lot of fun and comic moments, as usual. Without a conductor, you can not do, so you need to obey him. And even the mammoth will have to come down with his unusual and funny behavior.

Mechanics of the game

In this version of the game you can play for absolutely all characters. Potential places will be displayed on the game map, where you can hide from the enemy. And the game is completely translated, so all the prompts you can easily take advantage. In the course of the game you will need to also gain glasses, and also monitor the level of health of your wards. Download game Ice Age 3 Through torrent can every visitor of our server in free mode. It is necessary to act carefully, look for places for shelters, because the giants dinosaurs may appear from nowhere in this game.

This bright game amazes with its new missions, each of which is unique. Locations are changing from the level to the level, and you can simply be able to enjoy the magnificent arcade graphics and unforgettable sound accompanying!

Features Ice Age 3

  • Gaming deviations. A side character will always be involved in this version. This is a unique protein that got into this world to find and here your precious treasure - nut.
  • Characters. You will be able to play all the characters, and also listen to the prompts of your guide - it is caressing, which will help you hide from dangerous prehistoric predators.
  • Stages. More than fifteen game missions you have to go. Each character for which you will play, has its own unique abilities and capabilities.

Year: 2009
Developer: EuroCom Entertainment Software
Publisher: 1C
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 3.07 GB

  • OS: Windows XP \ Vista \ 7 \ 8 \ 10;
  • CPU: Pentium® 4 1.8 GHz, or Athlon XP ™ 2200+;
  • Memory: 2 GB;
  • Video: GeForce® 7800GT / ATI Radeon ™ X1600XT;
  • Sound: Sound Compatible S
  • Space: 3.7 GB;

Ice Age 3 Screenshots:

Ice Age 3 screenshot Ice Age 3 screenshot Ice Age 3 screenshot Ice Age 3 screenshot Ice Age 3 screenshot Ice Age 3 screenshot

1. Download distribution.
2. Mount the IA3_DVD image.MDF via Alcohol 120 (go to the settings, then additionally and put all the checkboxes).
You can also mount through Daemon Tools, but only up to version 5, you must mount in SCSI drive.
3. Install And Play.

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