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Ice Age 4

Continuation of the cartoon epic, where prehistoric friends are faced with the ice age. Yes, and land, which was once one of the huge mainland, now went to cracks and rapidly spreads to different sides. And where now our animals will move? Decide to you, for what you just need to click on the link Ice period 4, download torrent, which is available to any player from our site.


As always, wines in a continental drill lies on our hotly beloved saber-fabric protein.

Her mania hide the nut again gave the "fruits" - stuck in the earthly solid, the protein launched the drift process of the continents, which in the game rapidly spread to the sides.The characters in the game are all the same - it is a mighty, sullen Mammoth Mena, a tight-forming Snavitz LED, proud saber-toothed Tiger Diego, and other well-known characters in the Ice Age series. Our heroes have to overcome many obstacles that are divided into missions with a story can. As before, the game script is based on a cartoon, and does not depart from the canons. Although, mostly, they are fed in the form of screensavers that open after missions. Join the heroes of the glacial period in this stunning multiplatform action.


In terms of game - in front of you platformeer with elements of action and plenty of mini-games. Having a promoted brand, in the studio Behaviour Interactive, they did not think long over the content for a long time, but simply blinded a handful of mini-games with the participation of characters known to the whole world. Ten tests for a few minutes each - this is what is this game. Unfortunately, meaningless chatter between characters much more than the very action. After the task completed, they are going near the fire and discuss their successes. Jokes are extremely rarely flashed, but the overall impression oppresses. In fact, the toy from the studio Arctic Games is designed for the smallest - familiar characters, simple actions in the game, an impervious plot.

Interesting Facts

The game has easter eggs from past parts. In some places you can find characters from past parts. And on one of them, there is even an entrance to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs, which was shown in the previous part of the ice age.

Features Ice Age 4

  • Medium graphics. The picture in the game is far from the best, but will greatly go on the "weak hardware"
  • Simple game. Here you do not need to think, and most importantly push on the buttons. Sometimes you need to count on the reaction rate. All characters are involved in different missions - ranging from skiing and ending with curling.
  • Simple plot. The toy is fully based on the movie of the same name. And the script is served here except in screensavers.

Year: 2012
Developer: Behaviour Interactive
Publisher: Activision Publishing
Crack: Include
Download Size: 0.890 GB

  • OS: Windows® XP SP3 / Windows® Vista / Windows® 7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo with a clock frequency of 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Video-Map: 256 MB, Shader Model 3.0, with support DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 1.5 GB

Ice Age 4 Screenshots:

Ice Age 4 screenshot Ice Age 4 screenshot Ice Age 4 screenshot Ice Age 4 screenshot

Adventure, Arcade

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