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Infraspace - Simulator industrial facilities. On the affected person on the verge of cosmos can not build a city, just spending a lot of money. Instead, you will have to send your first cosmonauts to mining resources. The gameplay is usually not as folded in this game and offers many standard, such as the construction of buildings, houses, structures, industries and everything else. But at the same time, the game emphasizes not only the production of resources required for survival, but also on the infrastructure, on the delivery of resources and food.

And now we offer you infraspace download torrent . There are few things to get a resource - it should also be processed, send to production, and then the resulting raw will send to the route. If you decide to download Infraspace Torrent, the latest version, you can become the head of settlement and go through all the stages of the city formation. As soon as you have some iron, carbon, sand and sulfur, you can create your first steel mill and concrete plant to start creating infrastructure. Even such basic needs, such as food and oxygen, require a stable production chain that cannot be broken!

Infraspace imitates each car. Each manufactured resource must be transported to the processing, and each product should get into the consumer habitat. Go to the study of the surrounding places, continue the extraction of valuable resources, think about the action plan of actions and do everything to achieve a favorable result. Any of your actions and the decision will have consequences, so throughout the construction you should be attentive and take into account every product. The storyline will say that humanity managed to achieve great success in the training space, and now has the ability to colonize remote planets. Your car network can cope with many, but without your supervision, it will ultimately be sweeping in traffic jams. Build a motorway, crossroads with circular motions and multibone roads to ensure the continuous operation of the production center of the city.

Your first colonists will be astronauts, the best and brave of all who can offer humanity. Suppose their food and housing, and they will support your infrastructure in working condition, regardless of what. Your task is not easy to build a city, you need to organize a transport infrastructure that will cope with growing traffic flows. But first of all you need infra Space download torrent on PC. The more your city, the more you need to extract resources, and the more you produce resources, the more difficult to organize their tramps. Infraspace - allows you to build a really huge city on the new planet. It should be noted that the gaming engine allows you to imitate the movement of each machine and a small block, can lead to the decay of the entire system. When the settlement grows, you need to cover the growing workload, hiring scientists and engineers who require some amenities. Any city sufficiently size will sooner or later become a house for a growing and more familiar family, so make sure your schools will cope with it, and that you can supply the latest products to teach VR. Road transport can be changed, and survival is difficult. You can customize the complexity, and the other to make your experience in managing the city, so simple or so hard that you want to see.

Year: 2021
Developer: Dionic Software
Publisher: Dionic Software
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.21 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10/11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: Intel HD 4000
  • Space: 2.14 GB

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Infraspace screenshot Infraspace screenshot Infraspace screenshot Infraspace screenshot Infraspace screenshot Infraspace screenshot

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