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Insomnia The Ark

Futuristic role-playing games always attracted not ababa what users' attention. This time the fans of the game of this genre will be able to enjoy a little gloomy, but very exciting game, which recently presented the developers. Graphics resembles something punk style, so users need to download Insomnia The Ark through the torrent to then rate the gameplay.


The developers called such a tactical role-playing game, so the focus and emphasis in the game is on tactics.

As for the main plot, he unfolds on one remote planet in space, where representatives of the earth civilization are trying to colonize it. For successful actions in the game you will need a lot of time, because to turn a huge planet to the colony is a pretty difficult thing. You will first explore all the territories of the planet in order to first find the necessary resources for life there. But on the planet you are not alone, you will constantly fight various enemies, so the colonization of the planet will take a lot of time - do not think that you can easily and quickly play the game.


You are offered a unique opportunity in the game - this is freedom, that is, you yourself for yourself as a player install what you will do first. But you will tell you that you must first change the appearance of your hero, find resources, create a defensive line on the space base, and then you can already fight behind the planet with unpredictable enemies. You can become a real leader, that is, take the command of the space base on the planet under your total control. And you can simply follow orders and missions with other heroes. Fight for the planet, look for useful resources for yourself, play inside the station and beyond. In the game Insomnia, download torrent which is possible for free from our site, you will see many territories that you must first explore, and then converge. Being inside the ship - also a dangerous business. So the choice is yours.

Interesting Facts

Since the game events occur in real time, you should always search for interaction with other players, because alone you cannot restore the planet from total destroying and exhaustion. Earned glasses can be spent on purchasing additional gadgets for your players. Play in cooperative mode, it will be much more interesting.

Features Insomnia The Ark

  • The new race of alien creatures will attack your hero, so carefully examine the fighting characteristics of your opponents, because they just do not give out the planet.
  • Survival mode is presented in the game. Now you will need not only to fight with potential opponents, but also to deal with the natural elements, which are collaborated as the game goes on the planet.
  • Fighting hunger. Your hero will suffer from a shortage of provisions, then his combat abilities are exhausted, and he will not be able to confront alien races in full force. Look for resources.
  • Battles lead to full exhaustion of resources on the planet, so accumulate your glasses in the game to be able to withstand the total depletion of the planet.
  • The bonus system allows pumping your hero, he then becomes invulnerable and can desperately resist aggressors.
  • Graphics, as already mentioned, a little gloomy, but it gives the game a really unusual atmosphere, and the sound is also original. You need to download the game Insomnia through torrent, to successfully go through all game segments of the game.
  • Year: 2016
    Developer: Studio Mono
    Publisher: Studio Mono
    Crack: Not Required
    Download Size: 7.61 GB

    • OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
    • CPU: 2.5 GHz CPU, 4 Cores
    • Memory: 8 GB
    • Video: GeForce 760, AMD RADEON R7 360
    • Sound device: compatible with DirectX eleven
    • Hard disk space: 10.5 GB

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