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Intravenous - New Stealth game with top view. You just entered the warehouse ventilation mines, how, suddenly, replaced the voice outside, - one know that you are here. Apparently someone heard you. The game begins with the fact that the hero is half the board. It would seem that it is impossible, but the enemies are already warned of the approach of sabotairov. Your weapon is a shadow. Gently postpone the cameras, break the bulbs, wake the door.

Touch the companion and inspired by the enemy. Leaving in the shadows that you move forward. Flow of light, block the bulbs, and blocked doors are frivolny. You are silent killer. Guards that you distract the throwing of bottles and dust all stupid. Each neutralized in a quiet. Intravenous download torrent latest version you can read below for free.

Heck. You have been discovered! You rebuilt the castle of twine and eat inside, watering everything with lead. Published cries of people who cover the title of shots and falling sleeves. In proper transmission of adrenaline you kill the goal and barely worry to get into the goal. It is necessary to move around the levels with maximum caution that pity for the crossbar, and the trick of him sympathize in the order of the game, is practiced to be fine and able to keep the player in tension. Be prepared to face a significant number of all types of obstacles and hazards, and also do not forget to take care of the presence in the fighting arsenal of powerful weapons and attributes of protection. Welcome to the intravenous world in the role of Steve Robbins - a man who put his goal for watching his brother. Bought in the circles of the crime under the cover of dark or armed with teeth and folded in the armor.

Old good stealth. Your visibility depends on the lighting, and each step is given a title. Pot Echny. For the presence of stele stress, it does not exclude car restructuring. Intravenous painstakingly was done so as to pass the stealth of the Tsteko seeking, and I am looking for cancelors for which the fists are scratching. Jet. Your enemies will not just carry. If they find the corpse, they warn their friends. If suspicious noise is heard, then you will be required. And the position itself will be seen, then the trigger will be released. And if they do not work, all the same ways to create the rest. This is a story of Steve, who lost her beloved brother. Choose the necessary equipment and weapons that robbed hazardous moisturizing. You will be divided by my mind, sraising artificial intelligence when the corpse will detect the corpse, it is here: I hope Steve will manage criminals with your likeness. But first of all you have to Intravenous download torrent for free.

Power of enemies. Enemies use the shelter time of multi-zeers, fall into lights in the dark and preferably by defining any of your error will result in a modular lattice on the vagina. Many weapons. Each with its unique set of characteristics, Dutch for accent situations. Here you will definitely find your favorite weapon. Cut to take an automatic, gun and a bullet armor prepared in case of a shootout or only a gun and no more to be wire and silent: what is needed for improvisation. But, if at some point you find you, then delay the castle of twine and express in addition, shedding generally pleasant apologies. Kill all goals in dynamic and pure risk and create a change in the atmosphere of the subsection. Removed lamps, get around the enemies through the ventilation shaft, turn off the light using the electric shield, throw the bottles to distract the enemies, hack the door home to find another way to goal, - or just shoot the lock and make a rifle on readiness. Gloomy story. Steve Robbins lost his most important person in his life - his brother. Thanks to the help of a mysterious person who claims that he shares common fate.

Year: 2021
Developer: Roman Glebenkov
Publisher: Roman Glebenkov
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.674 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Athlon II x2 270
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: Intel HD 5500 Graphics (256 MB)
  • Space: 654 MB

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Intravenous screenshot Intravenous screenshot Intravenous screenshot Intravenous screenshot Intravenous screenshot Intravenous screenshot

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Action, Shooters, New, 2021

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