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Meet the hybrid game platform and a dynamic game project called Katana Zero. An independent Askiisoft Studio worked on its development. You are invited to take Kanana to your own hands and demonstrate all your skills of owning this traditional weapon of Japanese Ninja. Route your way to destroyed cities to walk to the goal of your travel and return once stolen value, but before that you need Katana Zero download torrent on our website web resources.

To begin with, it is necessary to arm your hero from the legs to the head, and after going to the way where you will meet various enemies. Try to apply all the available skills to combat opponents with one blow and move on to the cherished goal. In the arsenal of your hero, there will be not only cold weapons, but also the ability to manage time. All these skills will be needed during battles with the superior enemy's forces when the usual frontal attack will not lead to the desired result. It is in such cases that it is necessary to use their trick, applying any available arsenal. Become a real killer who will not stop before any1. Try to overcome all obstacles, go through a difficult path and fight with the main opponents to achieve maximum success. We wish you good luck and have a good pastime!

Katana Zero is a hurricane neonaire action platformer with instant death. Rubit, drive and manage time, solving the secrets of our own past. Incredible combat system: each enemy needs his approach. Reflect the bullets, go away from shocks, lubricate the opponents into the trap - and do not leave witnesses. Adapt to the situation: each level can be used to do with various ways. Destroy the enemies as you think. Unusual narration: a confusing story with constant unexpected turns is organically woven into the gameplay.


Everything is so cool here is written and collected together that throughout all four hours to spend the passage, I do not want to be distracted for a minute. Many scold "pixel" games and their "lazy developments", allegedly not able to create something beautiful and playing on nostalgia, but even these (strange) people are unlikely to be decided to say something similar about Katana Zero. Animation of each character, lighting, effects, backdrop details - everything looks luxurious. NOT THE LAST NIGHT, of course, with its light headlights reflecting in puddles, but still.

So stylish and sometimes even frightened design is firmly combined with the plot, and with the gameplay. We take on the role of a hired murderer, armed rolling. At first, he comes to the reception to a person familiar to him, takes the folder with an indication of the goal and allows you to make a certain substance - and then leaves the office and goes on the task. What at first seems like an ordinary story about mercenary, very quickly turns such details and unexpected turns that the plot becomes almost more exciting the gameplay. Here you and questions about life and death, and the search for truth, and insane experiments.

Interestingly made dialogues, the format of which is so unusual that his likeness would like to see more often in other video games, especially in RPG. Communicating with someone with an eye on the eye or by phone, you can post him or throw the phone to the end of the replica of the interlocutor, after going toreed or putting it in an awkward position. Of course, it doesn't change very much from this, but sometimes you will still notice the consequences of your actions - either the boss that forbidden you to communicate with the goal will be dissatisfied with the work if you decide to pull time and listen to the poor fellow, or some character will remember your last conversation.

Game process

Agreeing to the task, for the execution of which the boss strokes on the head and give another dose, the player must clean the location from opponents and get to the main scounding. The path is divided into several rooms - usually it all starts with small rooms, and closer to the end of the chapter you can get into a three-storey room with a bunch of doors and stairs. The main and only weapon in the arsenal of the hero - Katana, killing any opponent (except "bosses") from one strike. However, the character himself does not withstand a lot of hits - although he seems to be omnipotent and cool, in fact he also glues the flips after the first injury.

It simplifies the task the opportunity to slow down the time, which at first is not very important (for the first two hours it seems, it never used it), but then it turns out to be useful. With the help of katana, it is possible to reflect the shells, which saves in many later levels, and without a deceleration in time to respond to a shot of a pistol much more difficult. Thanks to such skills (and a row, which is also available at any time), all the fights become much entertaining: you are knocked out the door, waving the guard around the wall next to her, knock off the rolling bullet, hurt her someone, tumbling, swinging weapons, pour blood All the walls and go further.

It cannot be said that Katana Zero offers many options for solving the same problem - as such a stealth is not here, it is difficult to kill it difficult (although the deaf enemies do not hear anything if the doors are closed, and it saves), and there is no skills at the main character. Rooms are more reminiscent of the puzzles in which you study what opponents are where they are, what items lie on the floor (you can throw disposable knives and Molotov's cocktails) and where you can hide in case of danger.

Year: 2019
Developer: Askiisoft
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.176 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 x64
  • CPU: Intel Pentium E2180 (2 * 2000) or Equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Video: GeForce 7600 GT (256 MB)
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Space: 200 MB

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