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An unusual and frightening computer toy embodied in the genre of Survival-Horror, Adventyrs, and in some sense of "horror-travel" in the Setting of the Cold Ural Mountains. It is worth noting that the developers of this product from at once two IMGN game studios.Pro, Woho Games, inspired by projects such as Slender, Amnesia, Dear Esther, and took the real story as a basis about "Dyatlov's Pass". Therefore, if you want to proceed on this frightening to the brain of bones, mystical and supernatural history about the death of the tourist group in the Urals mountains, then we recommend Kholat, download the torrent of what you can easily and stick, using the capabilities of this site.

So let's discuss the features of each element of this game.


First, graphics. Visualization in the game looks very attractive and atmospheric. And it is not enough, because the developers used for "Pictures" Unreal Engine 4. Naturally, the locations in the game were drawn manually, and included many elements. The game has an open world, however, why it is not clear. Outside the imaginary line only white expanses and a sizzle that you feel your own skin. Therefore, you have to move "from the trigger to the trigger", otherwise the game "freezes" in place, and there is absolutely nothing in such a "frozen state". As for the special effects, then they are completed with a bang - the developers clearly know how to scare it: the doors will begin to clap, then a fire fog arises around the hero and much more. By the way, monsters in the game are some fiery creatures, from which it is impossible to fight off. You only need to hide and run. Therefore, if you want to try out your strength and nerves in this game, then you can download Kholat, through torrent, using the services of our site. Further on the list - let's discuss gameplay.


Secondly, the gameplay. In the toy, you have to proceed to the very pass of Dyatlov, where a group of mountain tourists who are more experienced in their business disappeared for incomprehensible circumstances. Only a few weeks later found baked corpses, which is amazing - because they were under the thickness of snow and ice. Developers offer you to go on this pass to find out what happened in fact. You have to search for notes in which history is told. But, the farther in the forest, the stronger the story resembles "Occult Brad". However, despite this quasi-dealer, the mystical script attracts. In addition, the notes often write coordinates, and as soon as you understand how to navigate on these strange figures, the game will be "pleasant" for you "Horror adventure. Therefore, if you have long been looking for something like that, then we advise you to get acquainted with the Kholat product, download via torrent, for which you can use our website resources.

Features Kholat

  • Amazing picture. The developers made the game world truly frightening. Footage, cold, which pierces to bones, darkness - all this is felt by the films of the soul, despite the fact that you are "on the other side of the screen". At the same time, it is worth noting that this is still the merit of the "hardware filling" of the game - Unreal Engine 4, so that the whole world is well detailed, has excellent special effects and its atmosphere.
  • Unusual gameplay. In fact, you have to wander around this world, where scattered in various places. Periodically will have to be afraid of the triggers, scremmers and other concepts that are familiar with the lover of Horrov. The further you will leave in the forest and snow, the worse all around will be painted.
  • Open world. The game implemented an open world. But, it is hardly dignity, since outside the story "feature" running between cliffs and hills - there is nothing interesting in the game.
  • The plot was created based on the real history that happened in Dyatlov's pass. At the very beginning you will be able to find out what happened in Dyatlov's pass, having received the entire truthful plot in the first note. Next, studio scenarios decided to "roll out" before you your version of events, which is associated with occult sects and other elements of mysticism, supernatural.

Year: 2015
Crack: Include ali213
Download Size: 2.37 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64x)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • Video: GeForce GTX 47
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Sound device: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0s
  • Hard disk space: 5.5 GB


Kholat screenshot Kholat screenshot Kholat screenshot Kholat screenshot Kholat screenshot Kholat screenshot

Sandbox, Action, Horror, Open World

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