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Film films, removed based on books of famous writers - this is not new. Recently, they have become popular and game projects, which from the very beginning were only a book published for a long time. But Irrodeli know how to do their job, which proved the game Kim, download torrent which gives our portal absolutely to everyone who wants. Skillful and creative checkers managed to reproduce the world, which once has once described the Reddard Kipling in his book.

It will not be about Mowgli, as many people might think, but about a completely different direction - Ancient India. Game World, and indeed the whole project is very interesting, and it can be safely attributed to the number of one of the most original at the moment, regardless of genres.

Plot game

Many players will solve the game Kim download through torrent Well, through our site, of course, at least due to the fact that according to the genre, the product is RPG, which means that they are waiting for a lot of interesting locations, tasks, puzzles, and the like things. Indeed, everything will be so. The plot is non-linear, which means that the developers gave the players not only a chic game world, but also the complete freedom of action in it. The main character is a poor guy who wanders in various rural areas, performs various orders, gets money for it, and just survives how it can. There will be no particularly serious battles and the likes of such things, because Irrodeli made a bet on the visual component, and on the adventure, which there will be quite a lot in the course of the case. You can be in my own: Search for food, and all resources for survival, but you can perform small orders from peculiar organizations, and try to take some official place.


Unlike most RPG products of the direction, this time the gameplay almost nothing difficult to submit. The project is designed for people who love to calmly play, search resources, and enjoy beautiful areas. They can download Kim at any time through torrent with the help of our resource, and go to an interesting world, which was previously unknown for them. In terms of gameplay, players are quickly treated, and, in principle, will not face any difficulties. If we need to learn something, the learning process will go directly during the game itself, so there will be no problems with this.

Interesting Facts

In fact, Irrodeli did a very good product. On the one hand, they give the opportunity to play a good game where you can learn to survive without a penny in your pocket, and on the other hand, you can instill love for literature to some players. Surely, Kipling saw this world in his own way, and many want to know how to describe the famous classic all that they saw on the screens of monitors, and that they felt the guy to which they managed.

Features Kim

  • India of 1880. With the help of 2D technologies, the developers showed the world that was described by the famous writer many years ago. They skillfully coped with the details of each location, which transfers the players in an interesting and real ancient world.
  • Full compliance with real life. Players will have to carefully monitor the main character, as in the real life, he will want to eat, drink, rest, correct health. All this is done with a slope for maximum realistic.
  • Original Soundtracks. In computer games, music plays a big role, because it carries almost all responsibility for the total atmosphere. Developers understand this, so they turned to one of the best professional composers in this plan.

Year: 2016
Developer: The Secret Games Company
Publisher: The Secret Games Company
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.157 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: GeForce 8600 / Radeon HD 3670 / Intel HD 3000
  • Space: 2 GB

Kim Screenshots:

Kim screenshot Kim screenshot Kim screenshot Kim screenshot Kim screenshot Kim screenshot


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