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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

As always, real-time strategies occupy their special niche, where they feel very comfortable. This is a genre that will always be popular and in demand among the gamers of different ages and generations, because it is necessary to think about and show many skills. This is exactly the game Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, download torrent which can be at any convenient time with the help of our portal. The product is very interesting.

Some playmen can be familiar with individual parts of the project, but this game is a full picture of one big and high-quality product. Here, players will build towers, strengthen their positions both on their territory, and on someone else's, will fight opponents and will spend quite productively. Logical charging is guaranteed.

Plot games

At first glance, it may seem that the story looks uncomplicated. But as soon as the gamers fall on the battlefield, they will understand that this opinion was erroneous. Therefore, you need as soon as possible game Kingdom Rush: Frontiers download via torrent, which is always available, thanks to the resources of our site. The protagonist is amenistricant who defended mankind. On the settlements of people will be attacked by terrible mutants, and only players will be able to disability and save all living things. Players will lead people. It is very important to do everything on time: build strengthening, attacking and defending. People limited quantity, so it is important not only to win victories in battles, but also leave them with minimal losses. If the gamers provers themselves with excellent commanders, they will not have problems inside the camp, and all subordinates will unquestioning orders. Basically, the case will turn around the construction of towers and battles with monsters, but it is equally important to exhibit both logical and tactical thinking.


Despite the dynamics of the whole occurring, product gameplay is quite simple. This is a pleasant bonus and additional motivation to download Kingdom Rush: Frontiers via torrent, which can be done at any time with our resource. In principle, the players should not have problems in the plan of returns and in terms of buildings towers. The main thing is to do everything on time, and with the mind. Here in terms of the improvement of the towers there will be many new products that will have to master, because in the future it will be easier to defend. If everything goes well, then gamers can also get bonuses.

Interesting Facts

The developers have finally decided to collect all those who worked on the grains, and connected all this to one big project. As a result, players received a great product where they can fight opponents, build strengthening, dispose of magical power, get bonuses and open new levels and improve their soldiers.

Features Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

  • Modern graphics. Perhaps, for strategies, the graph is not so important, as for action, or RPG, but the developers tried to do everything. Graphics, in turn, makes the gameplay more fascinating and realistic, and even sound support becomes more atmospheric.
  • New levels. In a full-fledged project, the developers collected everything that was previously lacking game. They created not only new towers, but also new levels. This will allow players to fight on new locations and take part in large-scale battles against bloodthirsty monsters-aggressors.
  • A large number of opponents. All enemies are endowed with artificial intelligence, so for each battle it is necessary to select a suitable tactic. The edge of that, you need to ensure that the towers hold out as long as possible.

Year: 2016
Developer: Ironhide Game Studio
Publisher: Ironhide Game Studio
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.435 GB

  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 +
  • CPU: Dual Core CPU
  • Video: OpenGL 3.0 Compliant With 512MB of Video Ram.
  • Space: 1500 MB

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Screenshots:

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers screenshot Kingdom Rush: Frontiers screenshot Kingdom Rush: Frontiers screenshot Kingdom Rush: Frontiers screenshot Kingdom Rush: Frontiers screenshot Kingdom Rush: Frontiers screenshot

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