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Kingdoms Reborn

Kingdoms Reborn - Give your people to the settlement in the Great Desert. Inspired by Banished, Anno and Civilization, the game is characterized by complex resource management in combination with extensive technology tree and updates. In a multiplayer game, you can cooperate or compete with real-time friends in one open world. You have to fight with the main character - a popular leader who tries to carefully equip and develop their own residence in a large lifeless desert.

The task is not easy, because the responsibility for each aspect of the action lies on your shoulders. Explore the terrain, get valuable resources and useful things to learn how to function correctly in the future, so as not to incur damages. As your progress, your work will constantly develop, you will look for new technologies and find ways to communicate with other, more powerful states. Kingdoms Reborn download torrent here is free of charge for one click.

Manage employees who need to work, have and relax, like us. Play multiplayer or offline. Trade with your neighbors, help them, Carry them or compete. Immerse yourself in a rich, cohesive and procedurally created world. Explore different media with different resources, flora and fauna. Over the centuries, you have to care for a small living country and turn it from a developed civilization. Add dynamism to the game, creating cards, rules and interaction. Trade in world markets whose prices depend on your decisions. Unfortunately, this is not a special event. At the same time, the game is still good, because it shows the public everything that is usually offered almost all strategies. On the one hand, it is a typical survival game, in which you need to survive for the first time to fill the lack of resources and the desire to build, and on the other hand, this is a full-fledged urban planning simulator. where the player in the end suggests build a similar city.

Year: 2020
Developer: Earthshine
Publisher: Earthshine
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.7 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (64 bits)
  • Memory: 4 GB

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