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Koikatsu Party

Koikatsu Party - an erotic simulator where you can create your own wifu with a powerful character editor. You can create it from scratch and more than anyone, and several. You can give her the features of one of 30 personalities to choose from, and after all to deal with her. The editor can even configure such parameters as sensuality and tastes. Depending on the specified parameters and settings, your Wuif will respond differently to various sensations and behave in certain situations.

But let's details.

The best editor of creating anime characters

You dream of your perfect wifu and curse the fact that it exists only in your imagination? Well, turn this gloomy look, because the nature of your dreams can now become a reality! Set up your own charming anime character easily with the latest and greatest invention Illusion - the character creation system in which ultra-high-quality anime style shaders are used.

More than 300+ settings

You are a man of culture? You have very specific preferences? Well, with more than 300 different settings that you can adjust, we have all the options needed to create a character in accordance with your exquisite tastes. Use our set of accurate tools to configure each aspect of your masterpiece and see how our engine displays it using high-quality anime shaders. Elegant graphics and textures will help transfer your Waifu in Laifu! Start now, but first you need to Koikatsu Party download torrent without censorship .

Wealth options for configuring face

The creator of the characters gives you an unsurpassed level of control over the facial features, and intuitive controls allow any person to create a perfect face. Shape, size, position, contours, dimensions - adjust them all! Want sharp elf ears? Easily! Want to change the color of only one eye? You have the opportunity to make a character for any type of settings that you can imagine! Choose from a wide range of different hairstyles. And what is even better, you can choose different hair sections and customize them individually for maximum setup!

Take the perfect body

A wide range of options for customizing your character's body will make you think about why you ever worried about real people. Seriously, who needs a reality when you have anime? Form each curve with settings, common and specific. Breasts, hips, hands, busts, legs: seriously, we have the opportunity to customize almost everything you can dream of. But wait, it's not all! Why not give your character purple skin, or add cool shadows, or even change the color of its contour? We support all kinds of color schemes and lighting options. I mean, this is anime, about which we speak. Sky is the limit!

30 unique personal archetypes

Of course, physical perfection is nothing without person. That is why we provide 30 unique archetypes of individuality for you so that you presented your Wyf! Start from the awesome body, add the perfect face, and season the line of the tsunde or the tutor, and fucking! You have your own perfect anime heroine!

Many erotic options

Now that you made your perfect wifu, why not complete your two-dimensional marriage? Well, do not be afraid! We will provide you with many different sexual opportunities to explore! Use simple mouse control to touch, pull, lick, finger and swing to the heart. It's easy, it's easy, it's fun, and about God, it gives pleasure! Oh, and before we forget! You can also adjust the level of sensuality, tastes and experience of your wif. Depending on the combination of its nature of the archetype and sexual situation, it will react differently to various situations and sensations. Explore them all!

Year: 2019
Developer: Illusion
Publisher: Illusion
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: eleven.3 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel® Core ™ i3-4000 Serise or Better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Space: 20 GB
  • Sound: DirectSound (DirectX® 9.0C)

Koikatsu Party Screenshots:

Koikatsu Party screenshot Koikatsu Party screenshot Koikatsu Party screenshot Koikatsu Party screenshot Koikatsu Party screenshot Koikatsu Party screenshot

2019, Simulators, Erotic

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