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Last Year The Nightmare

Last Year The Nightmare - This is a new game horror project will tell the user a story about graduates of the usual high school, which were locked inside the educational institution. Five students of high school wanted to relax a little and smoke herbs. They still do not know that they are waiting ahead. In this game version, you will play in the role of a dangerous and evil maniac, which will begin hunting school graduates.

All Events game Last Year The Nightmare, download torrent you can free on our game server, will be at school at night stock. Therefore, it will be very difficult to find the output and avoid the evil goat psychopath. The game also provides for both cooperative regime, so it will be possible to play with friends both for high school students and for dangerous maniac, which will not only kill characters, but also to dismember their bodies.


Graduates of the elder school locked indoors to have fun. They just wanted to smoke a banned herb, when they suddenly saw a distraught psychopath. In the process of the game you will seek refuge in school. Your main technicians will be lanterns, matches. You need to highlight the premises to find a successful way out. Your hero is a dangerous maniac who shifts his mind and ingenuity. It will be difficult to hide from it, but you must unite together to resist such a dangerous enemy. Inside the school maniac putting traps and traps. If he caught one of five students, then can just get fun. Curly paintings are waiting for you in the game. Playing psychopath, you can increase his adrenaline level. The more inadless it will be, the sooner the school students can catch. As they say, you should always obey your parents. Pupils got into a dangerous situation, now you need to look for a way out.

Mechanics of the game

Outside is also unsafe, since the dangerous virus has infected local residents. One hero, namely mentioned maniac managed to get to school. It has an ax and different sweater products, that's just schoolchildren are completely unarmed. Download the game Last Year The Nightmare via torrent is free, visiting our game server. Before you again choose - either go to the side of schoolchildren, or play for a mad psycho. During the game, you will search for shelters, items, different artifacts that will help you deal with a dangerous enemy. Very bloody action. Turn on logic, and then you can successfully go through all game levels.


To successfully find outwards, you will need an email. Your team will also have a girl who is very neat and skillfully finding useful items on locations. All the time you will play in the dark. Therefore, look for also chargers for your flashlights.

Features Last Year The Nightmare

  • Examine locations. You will need to find and explore the high school plan. It is necessary in order to successfully find shelters. Your enemy does not sleep, he is quite a smart, although it is a complete madness and eager for blood.
  • Characters. You can play for each of the five students. All of them possess the unusual abilities and the capabilities that you will need to learn. Further success in the game depends on.
  • Bloody scene. This gaming project is saturated with terrible paintings. You will see how the maniac is brutally drawn with students. Collect the schoolchild's body - this is a trifle for such a cunning and evil hero.
  • Maniac. It looks just a terrifying - it's a huge versil, which can easily be able to combat graduates. So we wonder such an evil enemy.

Year: 2019
Developer: James Matthew Wearing
Publisher: James Matthew Wearing
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 10.3 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: Intel Pentium G4500 / AMD A10-7870K
  • Video: GeForce GT 630 / Radeon HD 7770
  • Memory: 6 GB

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Last Year The Nightmare screenshot Last Year The Nightmare screenshot Last Year The Nightmare screenshot Last Year The Nightmare screenshot Last Year The Nightmare screenshot Last Year The Nightmare screenshot

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