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LEADEN SKY is a dynamic game with a side scrolling in which you need to use personal weapons (cold and firearms) to destroy opponents. You must literally break them today. Enjoy the brutal separation system, look for increasingly sophisticated ways to kill your opponents (including the gaming environment for these purposes), penetrate the buildings and other places and do not forget to use your own unique skills (for example, to increase the time).

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This game is the main feature of this game, because it does not have a typical shooter with a side scrolling, but there is own bloody action, which uses thoughtful physics and advanced traumatic. Although the game is generally removed from the normal processes of the genre. You run forward, kill enemies, collect various weapons and even improve it, deal with bosses, where possible, and look for access to the next level. In this game there is an advanced injury system. For example, if you hit the enemy on the leg, it will no longer stand and necessarily falls on his knees. However, this does not prevent him from continuing fire. In critical situations where the enemies die and cannot shoot, they will crawl to you in seconds to die from pain. There are many ways to expose opponents. In the meantime, hurry Leaden Sky download torrent latest version on PC.

Advanced injuries is on the front edge of all interests. When you shoot in enemies, consider all the consequences. For example, if you hit the opponent on the leg, you do not neutralize it, you just deprive it with the opportunity to stand or run. He falls to the ground and crawling, shoots in response and tries to survive. And when you shoot again, you can shoot completely in my feet. The shot in the stomach completely opens the abdominal cavity and pushes the intestines, and the enemy crawls until he dies from pain. In this case, you can jump out and hit it at any time, for example, a knife, or even hit the hammer on the head.

Year: 2021
Developer: Helghast95
Publisher: Helghast95
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.165 GB

  • Windows 7 / 8/10


Leaden Sky screenshot Leaden Sky screenshot Leaden Sky screenshot Leaden Sky screenshot Leaden Sky screenshot Leaden Sky screenshot

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Action, Shooters, Arcade, 2021, Shooters for Weak PC

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