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LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes

Colorful and high-quality computer toy implemented in a platformer action-platformer genre with Beat-M-UP elements and logical puzzles, which is embodied in the open game world with a LEGO-designer stylist. It is worth noting that over the development of this game, like others in the LEGO series, worked permanent developers from the TT Games Studio. Therefore, if you want to evaluate the creation of developers, which has absorbed the best stories about superhero, then we strongly advise Lego: Marvel Super Heroes, download torrent that you can do without difficulty and other problems from the same portal.

So let's discuss the features of this game.

First, visualization. The developers introduced new technologies to the game, although the essence of the game does not change. Before you, again, the "plastic" world, where everything consists of virtual cubes known to the whole world of the designer LEGO. True, this time the developers did not move to the "plastic format" one of the film, and they took a little from the world of each superhero Marvel. Although the most here from the Avengers. It is worth emphasizing that graphically location became wider, more content appeared, from which the degree of destructiveness increased. In addition to this, special effects in the toy are more spectacles and dynamic. Therefore, if you would like to try out a new, humorous toy to a computer from the lego-world, then we advise you to download LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes, through torrent, which can be done without leaving our site.

Secondly, the gameplay. The toy is not very different from other projects. Who played at least one of the lego games, that easily understand. Although some differences are still available. There are less than active fighting with opponents, and more logical mysteries. Moreover, in the game about 70% of the game time you will solve all sorts of puzzles, and puzzles. This is focused on using various superhero abilities. Switching between them, you can find a solution. By the way, it is best to participate in this game with a friend, as it is focused on cooperative passage. Therefore, if you have long been looking for an entertaining, a humorous project, in which you can play with a friend, then we advise LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes, download via torrent that you can easily and wires from our site.

Features Lego: Marvel Super Heroes

  • Visualization. The picture in the toy has become better than in other parts of the series. Long-term studying over animation, location lighting, and drawing textures. In addition to this, the developers have learned better to shoot rollers on the playing engine, which are no longer inferior to the films through the Marvel Universe by their scope, and for sure the humorous storyline can. Game World Open, in which they took little from each "superhero universe".
  • Game process. Gameplay is not different. Rock up opponents, collect collection elements, spare parts to open new suits, collect puzzles, and puzzles. By the way, logical mysteries in the toy has become much more. Therefore, here you will have to think more to fight in the style of "Beat-M-Up".
  • Side tasks. According to Irrodeli, side tasks in the toy occupy more than 80 percent of gaming progress. That is, if you pass the story campaign, then you will receive only 12% of passage. Quests are fascinating and colorful, like the Lego-city himself, where you can talk with passersby, ride a toy typewriter, etc.
  • Scenario. The plot of the game describes fictional events. Dr. Dum collects all villains, and even reflects the Loki to collect super weapons from the balance of Silver Surfer Board. But, their plans are not violated by superheroes (Avengers, Green Lantern, Batman, Suleman and other Solyanka), and the threat from space - the Eater of the Worlds, who came to call Surfer. Heroes and villains are forced to act as one team to defeat the omnipotent and all-living power.

Year: 2013
Developer: Travelrs Tales
Crack: Included (Ali.v
Download Size: 5.02 GB

  • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows Vista SP2 / Widows XP SP3
  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 EE 3800+ (2 * 2000 MHz) or Similar Intel CPU, Such As Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 (2 * 2000 MHz)
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS OR ATI RADEON X1950 Pro or Better
  • Sound: one hundred%
    DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
  • Space: 6.5 GB

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Lego: Marvel Super Heroes screenshot Lego: Marvel Super Heroes screenshot Lego: Marvel Super Heroes screenshot Lego: Marvel Super Heroes screenshot Lego: Marvel Super Heroes screenshot Lego: Marvel Super Heroes screenshot

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