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Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean

If you are going to the egless fire of caribbean adventures, pirate romance, if in your character there is a desire for adventures, then the game LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean download torrent in our resource, just for you! Thanks to this game, you will be able to visit the heroes of the film you like, will pass with him all the steps of adventure becoming a pirate in the world of Lego. With the game Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean you will have the opportunity to prove that the adventures are the most that neither there is real!

Plot games

The plot of the game is based on the four parts of the notorious saga Pirates of the Caribbean, completely repeats it. In the game you will pass all the stages of the film, meet with the heroes of the film, we will break into the world of exciting adventures. First Level - Training. At this level, the player is allowed to understand some nuances of the plot: to collect all the members of the fraternity, find a fortune tune, avoid the karas Davi Jones. For each part of the game, gives five missions. In order to add a character, you must first unlock it. All parts and missions can be held in the desired player. Very precisely displayed scenes from the film, thin humor, fun. In order to fully go through the game you need to collect all the coins of Lego. In addition, there are different tasks and intelligence instructions in the game. But, despite the seeming simplicity, many moments in the game will make you pretty breaking your head. The game is stuck with surprises and tricks, but it is not difficult to cope with them, especially if you watched the film "Pirates of the Caribbean Sea"!


The gameplay is not complicated, but completely designed for the younger generation. Character management is sufficient. The game is bright, colorful, fascinating, as we have already said, completely displays scenes from the movie. For example, there is a scene where Bottchesman sleeps in a pigsty when he will be air freshener. All this looks very funny. Indeed, the game through the impregnation of humor, which will make smiling, even indifferent and experienced player. For example, there is a possibility of destruction of all items. Character can walk around the room, Crule everything around, without stopping. It looks very comedy.

Interesting Facts

This lego game has won popularity among the wide audience of players for a fairly short period. Since the release of the game and to the present, there is not a single negative review of concerning problems with the passage. Sparkling humor that is present in the game everywhere - here is the main chip, over which the developers were bothering. LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean download torrent on our site you can at any time of the day and night. Play and enjoy funny adventures Jack Sparrow!

Features Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean

  • The plot, a completely repeating film, but in another key.
  • A large number of gaming locations (more than twenty).
  • More than seventy characters, all characters have a rather fun view.
  • Special humor characters. Passing the game, you can appreciate it.
  • The ability to re-switch new levels by finding more surprises in the form of gold and bonuses, so to speak to replenish stocks.
  • Ability to collect ships.
  • The ability to play cooperating, for example, with a friend.
  • The presence of bonuses that increase interest in passing and refraining levels.
  • Special effects and music at the highest level, music completely repeats playback from the film.
  • At the corteau level, you can play cards, high probability of winning.

Year: 2011
Developer: Travelrs Tales
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Crack: Included (Reloaded)
Download Size: 2.60 GB

  • OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7
  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz, AMD Athlon or similar
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video: 128 MB of memory, support DirectX 9.0 and Shader 2.0
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 12 GB

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Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean screenshot Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean screenshot Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean screenshot Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean screenshot Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean screenshot Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean screenshot

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