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Lego World of Jurassic

Lego World of Jurassic Diagram Download torrent for free and recommend without registration on our wonderful site - this is a fascinating and unusual adventure, covering events at once of all cult films: "Park of the Jurassic Period", "Jurassic Park 2: Lost World", "Jurassic Park 3 "And, of course," the world of the Jurassic period ". Developed and released the game in 2015, but she transfers us for many years ago, when dinosaurs of impressive sizes lived in the park.

Players have a unique opportunity to participate in all films of the tetralogy, which are rethought and processed into the unique LEGO stylist. Developers literally on the brick recreated cult scenes and large-scale evil episodes. We are sure that the game will not leave anyone indifferent!


The game is completely identical to the film, and therefore completely repeats its plot line, even the park and the problems of the main character coincide. The owner of the park at one time suffered great losses, because he could not cope with a huge park and his inhabitants. After some time, realizing mistakes and shortcomings, he decides to reveal the entertainment complex. The owner, together with the assistants, places animals by cells, and restores the attractions, and the security system puts around the perimeter. But, unfortunately, nothing can keep anything. The spoiled people no longer want to look at prehistoric animals, which they saw several times, they need new species. The only solution in this situation remains genetic engineering. Continuing the plot you will learn in the game itself, for this you just need to download Lego Park of the Jurassic period through torrent on our site completely free and without registration.


The game is made in the constructive world, it provides you with large locations for travel and research. Mr. DNA will help the character to study the world, it gives the right tips at all levels of passage. He is here as a training element that will prompt at the right moment, how to do. Also in the game you need to collect bonuses, they are presented in all corners of the complex. In Lego Park of the Jurassic period you are waiting for many different vehicles, strange items and guns, for example, a soil climbing machine or bone trampoline and t.P. Thanks to the huge and dynamic locations, the game will not bother, and the graphics and landscapes will please you nice.

Features of Lego World of Jurassic

  • In the game you are waiting for the key points of all films of the tetralogy: 65 million years of evolution gave rise to an unusual lego adventure
  • You can choose any prehistoric creation, and in the game more than 20. Choose your pet from a peaceful triceratops, a deadly rapetor, malicious compartment or mighty tyrantosaurus, etc.P.
  • You have the opportunity to experiment and create completely new prehistoric creatures, for example, dylophosaur.
  • You are waiting for Isla-Nublar and Isla-Sorne Islands, here you can send your own dinosaurs for green spaces.
  • In cooperative mode, you can play with your friends and relatives, as well as connect and leave the game at any time.

Year: 2015
Developer: TT Games Ltd
Publisher: WB Games
Crack: Included (Ali213)
Download Size: 4.89 GB

  • OS: Windows®XP SP3, Windows Vista / 7/8
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or Equivalent AMD Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS OR ATI RADEON 1950, 256 MB RAM (DirectX: Version 10)
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 21 GB

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Lego World Of Jurassic screenshot Lego World Of Jurassic screenshot Lego World Of Jurassic screenshot Lego World Of Jurassic screenshot Lego World Of Jurassic screenshot Lego World Of Jurassic screenshot

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