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LEGO Worlds

Stunning and unique computer game, created in the genre of sandbox, with elements of adventure, puzzles and quests, which is embodied in a fully open, changeable world. It is important to mention that a lot of time was engaged in the development of this game and spent a lot of strength, developers from the famous association - TT Games. Therefore, if you would like to get a game that on your scale and is comparable to Minecraft, but at the same time it has its own stylist, then we recommend closing the game LEGO Worlds, download torrent which is available to each player from our site.

So, let's get acquainted with the advantages of this product, lay out key features and we estimate them.

Visual component

First of all it is worth saying a few words about visualization. Despite the fact that the open world resembles the Minecraft Gaming Universe, the developers have created a completely different stylistics. Instead of fully "cloning" style, and create a world from virtual, 8-bit "cubes", the developers went further, and created a gaming universe, fully consisting of LEGO-designer cubes. Each element of the game world, each character and subject - such a number of designer you have not seen! Moreover, you can build up such objects that are impossible in our world. Therefore, if you wish to test the unique features of the new sandbox, then you can download Lego Worlds without any problems, through torrent for something you can simply use the resources of our site.

Gameplay features

So let's discuss the features of the gameplay. He is the same as in Minecraft? At the same time you can answer, and "yes", and "no". It also needs to often build, create new "blocks", and fully implement your fantasy. But, while the game contains a storyline, and not "mindless" construction for construction. There are also survival elements here - your character should eat, sleep, and in injuries to be treated. But, along with this, you are waiting for incredible adventures in a huge world that can be explored without obstacles. If you are already waiting for no wait, how to go to this universe, then we recommend the game LEGO Worlds, download through torrent for what you can take advantage of our portal. And if you still doubt - to download a toy or not, then read a brief list of advantages, and make the right choice.

Features lego worlds

  • Bright stylistics. The game world is created from various LEGO-designer cubes, which can be destroyed, create new and mix in "Alchemy" to get brand new in size and shape. In addition to this, the graphics received high resolution, high-quality drawing, and you can change the view of the camera - by first person to the third.
  • Free world affordable for research. There are no obstacles in front of you! In order to explore the world, you will not need unique skills and features. You can walk it on foot, or create your own helicopter from the lego designer, on which you can ride through the air "with the breeze".
  • Balanced gameplay. As in any other sandbox, in this game you have to build a lot, collect resources, explore. But, there is also quest missions, puzzles, fights with opponents, how can any other Sandbox game be boasting.
  • Availability of multiplayer setting. The game is more interesting to play with friends. And lego worlds - no exception. You can go on adventure in cooperative passage, or make your own multiplayer game.
  • The presence of a system of achievements.

Year: 2017
Developer: TT Games Travelers Tales
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Crack: Included (SSE / SteamWorks)
Download Size: 2.85 GB

  • OS: Windows XP SP3 and above
  • CPU: Intel Dual Core 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: 512 MB GPU with shaiders 3.0
  • DirectX: Versions 9.0
  • Network: BroadcaseOSInternet connection
  • Space: 10 GB


Lego Worlds screenshot Lego Worlds screenshot Lego Worlds screenshot Lego Worlds screenshot Lego Worlds screenshot Lego Worlds screenshot

Install And Play.

How to play online?
Install from the Multiplayer folder Network Fix.
1) Open Steam, enter any account.
2) Run the game: LEGO_WORLDS.EXE.

Creating a server to the game:
1) new game / download game => Select the cell of the save => play => in the network game (host) => Back to the current world => Come in the created world, turn the game and send friends an invitation through Steam.

Connecting to servers:
1) Take an invitation to enter the game.

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