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Line War is a unique military strategy in which the player not only has to place his troops correctly, but also to create them first in order to find the financial resources to do so. In a clash between two countries, not only human resources but also economic resources are affected. The state must not only be able to withstand artillery fire, but also ensure the well-being of the people and lack of hunger. Inspired by classic RTS titles such as command and conquer, with references to the famous board game axis and allies, line war combines elements of the 4 times, wargame, autobattle and real-time tactics genres for a unique strategic experience for veterans and novices alike.

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With Universal Linear Warfare, players can quickly and intuitively issue commands by drawing lines on the battlefield to move units, create defensive lines, fight enemies, and conquer territory. Set command lines to filter certain units to outflank your enemies, entrench or feed distant front lines. This game takes a previously unknown approach that allows you to focus on building teams and executing strategies, rather than managing individual units. Stick to teams and conduct organized operations to launch coordinated attacks against your enemy. This command system distinguishes linear warfare from other strategy games.

Linear Warfare is one traditional, recognizable army that ensures that the game focuses on balance and strategy. Each unit plays a special and carefully balanced role. Take advantage of the first move opportunity and select the most profitable areas. At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose several areas in the area where the army and production can be located. One field is closely related to the other: factories guarantee higher revenues, and the proceeds allow us to hire better people and build fighting machines. Everything from barracks to refineries was built on the track. The latter are strategically important: the combat effectiveness of your entire army depends on oil. Region Nye nye and expand your state's capabilities by creating new trade routes. Ground troops: infantry, commandos, artillery, tanks. Aviation units: helicopter, fighter, bomber, transport, jet, missile. Navy: landing ship, destroyer, missile ship, cruiser, submarine. Line War focuses on strategy. We designed the game with typical RTS problems to eliminate the difficult learning curve and the need for ultra-fast micromanagement so you can focus on planning and executing your strategy. Line War download mechanics torrent on PC you can today.

Draw commands. Create movement and attack commands by drawing directly on the map to give players flexible control over unit actions. Play it over and over again. Create asymmetric worlds randomly so that no match or strategy is ever the same. Choose a starting point. Choose where to start anywhere in the world on innovative and just "election stage", To conquer their home region. Focus on strategy. Plan and create a strategy to succeed on the battlefield. Actions in seconds and minutes (ARMs) are not critical to Line War success - strategy and planning are crucial. And that's why you need to download Line War torrent Xattab for free on PC right now.

Occupy Territory. Expand your influence and gain resources by controlling territory. The more land you have, the more you can build. Researcher. Produces energy in refineries and power plants to provide sustained mobility for tanks, air force and naval vessels. Lead the Army. Linear Warfare is one traditional, recognizable army, which ensures that the game focuses on balance and strategy. Build. Build. Build. From barracks to oil refineries, from ports to power plants - choose from dozens of unique structures. Build cities, villages, industries, and trade routes to gain resources and expand your power. During Early Access: Linear Warfare is only available for multiplayer! We will add single player modes to the full version in 2022. As an early access client, you will receive free single-player offers as soon as the game is fully released.

Year: 2022
Developer: Studio Centurion
Publisher: Studio Centurion
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.400 Gb

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Memory2 Gb
  • Video: DX10
  • Space: 1 GB

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