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Lord of the Rings

All certainly seen the famous trilogy about the adventures of the Hobbit named Frodo. Based on the artistic film created and this version of a fascinating fantastic strategy, where you should like a player together with your team to destroy the brotherhood of the ring. You can play both on the side of the dark forces and on the side of good. Before you start a gameplay, you like a player must make a choice.

Examine the Locations of the Mediterranean, study all the remote areas that you will need to explore, form your own team of warriors and confront then you can be dark forces, including bloodthirsty goblins and orcs. The main thing is to get to the Lord of the Dark Forces. In the game Lord of the Rings, the torrent you can download for free on our gameser, you can create your unique hero and conquer mysterious Mediterranean with him. Dark forces want to subordinate power with their hands. Dragons, terrible monsters and orcs - such enemies will constantly confront you along the gameplay.

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Your small and fearless hero, together with his team, must be reached up to the most gone of hell and destroy the ring of all. Although you can prevent your hero by going on the dark side. Before you start your trip, you will definitely need to learn a game card. A lot of locations you have to go. You will be able to find friends, you can join the contractions of the evil forces, you can constantly pump your character, his combat abilities. But the main and primary task is to get to hell. There and you have a decisive fight against the dark forces. To successfully conquer the earth, you need to form an army and get the necessary resources. In this case, this is a weapon, armor and another ammunition that will need in battle. Four gaming factions are presented in the game. Every one needs to be learned to make the right choice. During the game, you can participate in grandiose battles. You will scorch in search of resources in forest rooms, there are also fantastic creations with which you can interact.


The ordinary peasants you hire in your army will need to train military skills, so learn the map, take into your submission as many characters as possible among the local population and start teaching them to the Azam War. Then you can start the campaign. First of all, you need to send scouts so that those learned the enemy locations. Download the game The Lord of the Rings Through the torrent can every user of our constantly updated playing portal. You can go to the attack, you can use horses, even fly on the firewood dragon is possible in this version of the game.


Reaching the final deployment, you can, of course, with your numerous army to embark on the fight with the insidious Lord of Darkness. He sows evil, so your hero and his team are ready to destroy the most dangerous antagonist of the game. The fascinating process is waiting for you in this bright animated strategy!

Features of the Lord of the Rings

  • Map. Game card with accuracy reproduces game locations and terrain. This is an animated game card where you will see real locations, you can enjoy landscapes and landscapes.
  • Classes of warriors. Here you can choose the peasants, archers, riders, even on the side of the orcs and goblins, you can go during the game.
  • Choosing for you. Go to the side of evil anytime in the game.
  • Epic battles. Before you get to the gates of hell and destroy the ring of alliances, you need to conquer enemy lands. Therefore, the process of the game is long, stock game patience!

Year: 2003 - 2011
Developer: Snowblind Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Crack: Included (Reloaded)
Download Size: 16.80 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / 7/8/10
  • Central CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • Volume Memory: 2 GB
  • Volume of free scene on the hard disk: 7 GB
  • Graphic CPU: GeForce 8600 / Radeon HD 2600
  • Sound fee: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c

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