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Lost Planet 2 is a modern action that is represented by third party players. The story continues in this part of the game, which was told in the first part. Lost Planet 2 game, download torrent which you can immerse the gamers to an interesting world on our Internet portal, will transfer to another planet.

Plot games

The plot of the second part of the game is even more interesting. All events occur in ten years on the same planet as before - e.D.N.

III. In this case, the climate became completely different. Fully melted snow and now on the planet you can only see the jungle and huge deserts.

Some players say that such a rapid warming was provoked by the appearance of aborigines that do not obey any1. Others believe that the reason has become a certain inner thermoenergy, which planets possesses. But the reasons are not the most important, much more important is the result. The snow-covered planet, to which the players in the first part are accustomed, in the second one became diverse and bright. All six episodes from which the game Lost Planet 2 will now pass in the ecosystem populated by the most different plants and animals.


The game can boast how bright and colorful. The creators especially paid a lot of attention to the gameplay of their project. As a result, players can observe surprisingly beautiful cinematicity of everything that happens on the computer screen. In some situations, it may be impressed that one too bright moment does not allow fully ending the second. This can be noticed during a breakthrough through a huge number of enemies. It was then that Quick Time Event arises, which is considered quite familiar directly for console type games.

If we talk about enemies, they remained the same as in the first part of the game Lost Planet 2, to download torrent which you can on our Internet portal in just a few minutes. It is worth noting that the enemies only have a slightly different kind. You can explain this by the presence of a new graphic core. Players will deal with enemies of different sizes and shapes, for every taste.

Interesting Facts

Interesting is that the project creators have developed a very long time in the game. To defeat numerous opponents, every gamer can use the most. At the same time, you can always have with you only a couple of grenades and only 2 different types of weapons.

Initially used automat. Then during the gameplay, you can find a grenade launcher, plasma gun, shotgun. If you are very trying, you can become the owner of a multi-venerable machine gun of the Gatling. Lost Planet 2 is incredibly interesting and makes the players think well and learn how to work in a team.

Features Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2 has a huge number of features, especially if you compare with the first part of the project. To the main points you can attribute the following.

  • Due to the presence of a cooperative mode, you can easily carry out battles with monsters commands, which consists of 3-4 people.
  • Single company has six completely different endings to which the gamelight will be influenced exclusively.
  • Huge opportunities to create your own unique character of the game, for which several hundreds of very different options are offered for appearance.
  • Thanks to the presence of a good graphics system, you can see beautiful landscapes in the game.
  • In order to defeat all the monsters you need to learn how to work in a team and support each other.
  • It is possible to play in multiplayer mode - 16 players at the same time.

Year: 2010
Developer: Capcom Entertainment
Publisher: Capcom Entertainment
Crack: Included (Skidrow)
Download Size: 6.87 GB

  • System: Microsoft Windows® XP / VISTA / SE7EN
  • CPU: Intel Intel Core 2 Duo with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4800+
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video-Map: ATI 3850HD with 512 MB VideoMemory or NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with 512 MB VideoMemory
  • Audio Card: Audio device compatible with DirectX 9.0s
  • Hard disk: 15 GB of free space

Lost Planet 2 Screenshots:

Lost Planet 2 screenshot Lost Planet 2 screenshot Lost Planet 2 screenshot Lost Planet 2 screenshot Lost Planet 2 screenshot Lost Planet 2 screenshot

Action, Shooters

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