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Mafia 2 with additions

As we know, special additions are much expanding the horizons. And now they appeared in the game Mafia 2. Here you are waiting for bonus cars and costumes, as well as many new characters. Want to plunge into the criminal world of America 1940-50s? Then hurry mafia 2 with additions download torrent for free on our wonderful site. In addition, online leaders tables appeared that you will give an incentive for re-passing and struggle for the highest lines in the ratings.

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Mafia II DLC: Betrayal of Jimmy

Jimmy was a hired killer and "raised" dirt behind others. However, after another disassembly with the Chinese gang of his "recorded". As a result, he received 15 years of strict prison. Playing Jimmy, you have to find out what it came across it to revenge. Also here is available new and clothing and cars.

Mafia II DLC: Jimmy's Vendetta

Continuation of the story after Betrayal of Jimmy. Jimmy received 15 years of strict appointment for transportation of drugs in the trunk. The culprits of this are his friends - "Big" Sal, Don Family Gravino, and Tam Brodi, who is the leader of the Irish gang. Because of the prisoner, Jimmy manage to leave the prison before the designated term. Now it has come his time, because he always brings the case to the end!

Mafia II DLC: Joe's Adventure

You have to play in the role of Joe Barbaro, and find out how hard you have to do without a better friend, you also need to explore who exactly sent Vito behind the bars, and why it is better not to contact the Clement. There are several new locations in this complement, which were absent in the original part of Mafia 2, among whom included leading to Dam Highway, Villa, Maxwell Supermarket, Boutinal, Metro Station, Hidden Car Parking in Aptown and More. All locations except the highway can only be visited during the fulfillment of missions.

Mafia II DLC: Greaser Scroll

In this complement you are waiting for two sports cars in the style of hot genus, leather racing suit, leather jacket and, of course, high boots.

Mafia II DLC: Renegade

In addition, there are two completely new cars: a sports compartment and hot-genus in the style of the 50s and two jackets, including a leather for vito.

Mafia II DLC: Vegas Scroll

You are waiting for two more extra cars and a suit for Vito.

Mafia II DLC: War Hero

In addition, there are two army cars and two new costumes: a soldier coat and a common form of a soldier.

Mafia II DLC: Made Man Screens

This supplement added: tuxedo, suit with glasses and two cars for vito. Attached in a collectible edition.

Year: 2010
Developer: 2K Czech
Publisher: Softklab
Crack: Included (Skidrow)
Download Size: 4.18 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7.8.10
  • CPU: Pentium D - 3.0 GHz or Athlon 64 x2 3600+
  • Memory: 1024 MB 2048 MB
  • Space: 7.8 GB
  • Video: GeForce 8600 or Radeon HD 2600 Pro GeForce 9800 GTX or Radeon HD 3870

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Mafia 2 Add-Ons screenshot Mafia 2 Add-Ons screenshot Mafia 2 Add-Ons screenshot Mafia 2 Add-Ons screenshot Mafia 2 Add-Ons screenshot Mafia 2 Add-Ons screenshot

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