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Malebolgia If in the plan of artistic films, horrorists no longer scare people, then herrodels are taken for business and they suggest horror at all who will be in front of the monitor. It is impossible to say that the product, which will be spent now, is straight such a terrible, but the nerves will be able to pull. MaleBolgia game, download torrent which everyone can from our resource belongs to the true genre of Horror, and besides, it has a famously swirling plot.

In addition, to scare every five minutes, the players will need to collect pieces of puzzles in order to at the end of the game to get a holistic picture of the whole. From the first minutes of the game, the journey into a gloomy lock will not seem gamers easy walk, because the gloomy atmosphere will reign everywhere and constantly. However, it was on such a tension and the developers did. Together with his character, the gamers wake up in a strange palace, each room in which horrifies. Players should be cold-blooded, because only at the end of the long journey they recognize how they were imprisoned, and that actually happened. The project has a really famously swirling plot with a lot of mysteries that makes it only more interesting. You can go in search of answers and right now, you just need Malebolgia game through torrent What can be done with our site. The main character is a brave warrior, so it is obliged to pass through all the rooms and corridors of the castle and reveal all the secrets. Since the character knows how to handle the weapon, the developers added a large number of monsters to him, from which goosebumps actually run. Gamers will explore the castle, fight with enemies and solve puzzles. There will also be other characters with which it is extremely desirable to contact, because some of them can give valuable advice, or send to the right way. In the game there will be hints, but, again, you should extract maximum information from communicating with other personalities. In the course of the action, players will meet a lot of secret, mystical and simply incomprehensible, but the ampful gamers will be able to figure it out. Graphic work together with sound effects will make the stay of gamers in the castle even more frightening, but it is also a distinctive feature of this product. You can start playing at least now, only you need to download Malebolgia through torrent and through our portal. Adventure will be interesting, but very dangerous.

Features Malebolgia

• Weather and lighting. These are two key factors that will be horrified on all those present in the castle. The room is closed, but in a strange way can rain, or blow a strong wind. Also, lighting at any time can be dim, and then you need to prepare for a meeting with serious rivals.• storm and flames. And this will be celebrated by brave warrior as it moves in the castle. In fact, the main character will be able to believe these elements, if it is carefully listening to those characters that will meet on the way. These features can be used both in battles and in movement.• Interesting battle system. Joining battles will have to be at a very different moments, and it is always necessary to be ready. Warrior will always move with a torch and sword - they will be his main weapon. Plus, the battle system allows you to put blocks and apply crushing strikes at the end of a successful attack.• Unpredictability. At any time the game can become terribly dark, or monster. To all this it is necessary to be ready. The enemies will be stronger than the physically the main character, so logical thinking will very much help the players who are not shyring to spend the extra couple of minutes to think about the action.

Year: 2015
Developer: Jochen Mistiaen
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.146 GB

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Malebolgia screenshot Malebolgia screenshot Malebolgia screenshot Malebolgia screenshot Malebolgia screenshot Malebolgia screenshot

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