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We present you one of the popular games called Mario. In fact, the project became a favorite for several generations of players and got even in the "Guinness Book of Records". You can imagine it? Mario, first of all, combines elements from Super Mario Bros 3 and World into one game project, here there are some elements with Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and Classic Mario Bros. Here you can play with friends (for example, playing for Mario and Luigi), or try your hand al1.

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Game process

Mario is a stunning platform project that combines scenarios, characters and general playback of the classic Super Mario Bros with revolutionary is not very classical Portal. That's how Gamer controls Mario through all the levels of the cult super Mario Bos with a small addition - throughout the operation of the game project, they can apply their famous "portal gun" to create portals in any part of the script. With the help of these portals, the gamer has a unique opportunity to make different things - from dropping opponents from a level to skipping forward in the game, despite the fact that physics is excellent recreated.

There is another point that you need to always know - the coins on the playing field are not easy to be placed so, they must be collected in order to get additional bonuses at the end of the level that you will be useful in the future. Strike Mario download torrent on our game portal and start this game project. Do not leave the chances of your enemies, because you must bring your main character to the goal, passing all levels.

A little story

For the first time, Mario's character appeared in the game for the Donkey Kong gaming machine, 1981, where he was the main character, and was called Jigmene (Engl. JUMPMAN). By the way, he was a carpenter. In the future, the game project received a number of sequels and became a separate series of game projects, which were developed by Nintendo and Rare Ltd. The first game project with plumbers named Mario as the main character and using his name in the title was Mario Bros., Kotor was released in 1983 also for a slot machine.


Of course, before the start of the game you can configure many different options. First, the awesome wink Team Fortress 2 you have the opportunity to wear any of more than thirty available hats on Mario. After that, you can choose the color and clothing of Mario and the portals that it generates. By the way, this hero is especially convenient, especially when it comes to a multiplayer game with friends, because the game project allows you to simultaneously run portals up to four Mario. The developer, apparently, it seemed that a huge number of levels and options that the multiplayer project offers was not enough, so they included in the game the level editor that you can apply to create your own levels, and what is even better, it is easy to play with those that were developed by others.


In general, Mario is a fantastic game project with a brilliant platformer, which becomes even more exciting when playing with friends. Moreover, it takes less than five megabytes. Thanks to this game, you will spend the time perfectly. So you can still desire?

Year: 2010
Developer: Buziol Games Software
Publisher: Buziol Games Software
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.043 GB

Suitable any computer on windows.

Mario Screenshots:

Mario screenshot Mario screenshot Mario screenshot Mario screenshot Mario screenshot Mario screenshot

Arcade, Platformers

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