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Mars: War Logs Specific, low-budget computer toy, created in the genre of action-shooter with elements of the role-playing game in the "Martian colonies" stylistics. It is worth noting that over the implementation of all the features of this product a lot of time was spent by developers from studio Spiders Studios. And therefore, if you are looking for a toy that will help you pass a couple of boring evenings, and do not have good iron to play the best games, then we recommend Mars: War Logs, download torrent, for which you can use the services of our site.

So let's find out what interesting this product can boast.First, visualization. The developers apparently had a very modest budget, and such an assumption can be removed by a number of signs. Lack of "Presence Effect" on Mars. In fact, all locations in the game are a set of "gray, inconspicuous, remedy" locations, and the Martian atmosphere will not even smell. Disgusting animation and special effects. If you would like an animation of the battle at least at the same level as in Batman: Arkham Knight, or at the worst Watch Dogs, you can forget about it. Our character has for all one shock animation. Locations templates. There is not a single original stroke in the game picture, which would not repeat on the game. And if you do not believe in our words, you can see this by clicking on the download link Mars: War Logs, via torrent, what can be done thanks to our services.Secondly, the gameplay. Gameplay of the product does not seem interesting. Really. The first is your task in the game - free from Martian prison. Difference from Mars and the Earth only in the coloring of the environment, which covered with reddish sand. And all. There are no letters, as the air is suitable for an open inhalation by our hero and other characters. The actions of the player in this product: collecting collection chips, fights with conventional opponents and bosses, passing "corridor" locations. The battleship system in the game is also not issued notable. Character with time receives electricity as weapons and protection, but special effects are minimal. Therefore, if you have a weak computer, and I want to play something new, then you can try the game Mars: War Logs, download torrent, thanks to our site.

Features Mars: War Logs

• Picture. Gaming space is incredibly, and will not please you with "Martian Color". There are "Technical Instruments", which indicate an extraterrestrial environment, template locations, but nothing more that the alien world would show. Moreover, our hero is fluent in locations without a special costume and any other devices that would make life easier on Mars.• Game process. Gameplay games are based on a simple "arcade mochille". Come to the group of opponents and start "spamming" by blows. There are and variations of a combat system, such as block, counterdaddar, rolled, but they are all inconsistent. • Collecting objects. The game has missions where you need to collect all kinds of chips. But, they are not displayed on the gameplay, but will come to the soul only to some gamers. • Simple, ordinary combat system. The battlefield in the game consists of one physical model. And despite the fact that over time the character receives new, reinforced attacks, the combat system does not change. • Scenario. Game plot is also simple. Our character turns out to be on Mars, locked "dungeons" of a local prison. The planet enhances the transplanetary corporation that pumps all the resources. And you have to speak on the side of good, fighting against the worldwide evil.

Year: 2013
Developer: Spiders
Crack: Included (Prophet)
Download Size: 1.84 GB

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Mars: War Logs screenshot Mars: War Logs screenshot Mars: War Logs screenshot Mars: War Logs screenshot Mars: War Logs screenshot Mars: War Logs screenshot

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