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Mass Effect 4

Briefly about the game

The fourth part of the popular Space Saga "Mass Effect", which developers from the BioWare Studio have created for two years. And before you click on the Mass Effect 4 link download torrent, we collected the most interesting information about this toy for you. The action of the game occurs in the accumulation of helius, which is in the nebula of Andromeda. This area includes hundreds of different solar systems, and dozens of them will be available for research.

It is noteworthy that this place is far from the zone where events developed in past parties series. And on its scale - the play area has become four times more than before. Our character is a well-trained fighter, a researcher who is first turns out in this area. His goal is to search and create new refuge for human remains. During his travel, you will collect resources, equip the colonies, and also fight with the most cruel creatures in the universe, which also managed to survive the fateful clock.


As you know, in the third part of Captain Shepard made his choice and destroyed the reapers. But thus, destroyed all the technologies in the universe than the surviving people have dropped into cave times. In addition, due to the fact that the battle passed near the Earth, the planet ceased to be suitable for the existence and those people who were able to get outside the system - began to look for a new home. Your character is also among them. By the way, the toy Mass Effect 4, download via torrent, you can not even read this article to the end. In the game you have to deal with research with your team. Each characters have their own story, and during the passage you will definitely learn what kind of "skeletons in the closet" are hidden from your companions.


The developers did not become fine, and "stuck" in the game all that most liked fans in the series. But, alas, Shepard does not return. And do not even ask. As before, there is a system for pumping characters, which has become even more "smart". Every point you to invest in one way or another will affect future. In addition, the characters can carry a certain number of things, you can improve their armor and weapons. In addition to this, there is a whole "park" of a variety of spacecraft, and also "editor", where you can assemble the ship to your taste.

Interesting Facts

This is the first in a series where the player gives the right to create their own colonies. In addition, here, for the first time in the trilogy, you will not meet Captain Shepard. Therefore, to appreciate all its "beauty" you can download Mass Effect 4, via torrent right from this page.

Features Mass Effect 4

  • Collecting resources. Traveling on various sunny systems You will collect a variety of resources that can be used for the benefit of the colonies or your own interests. Of particular interest are drawings of the remand devices, each of which has a lot of power, with any of the previously created technologies.
  • Crew. In your team, as you have seven characters as it turns out. Each of them possesses individual features, weak and strong sides and charisma. For example, the bark can establish a biotic shield that covers the nearest colleagues into a huge bubble. For each task you can take two partners.
  • Colonies need to be protected. Since you will create a lot of databases, the opponents will certainly want to take them away and even destroy. Therefore, you will need to create "shock commands" from the number of mercenaries to protect.
  • Multiplayer mode. Together with three friends you can fight with endless waves of enemies. For the passage, players will receive experience, weapons, characters, improvements for weapons and equipment.
  • Seamless journey. On the ship of the storm you have to go tens, hundreds of solar systems, each of which is associated with others. They have valuable resources, representatives of races and other. And there are no boot screens!

Year: 2017
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 40.11 GB

  • Windows 7/8.1/10 (x64 only)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 | AMD FX-6350
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • HDD: 55 GB on hard disk
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon HD 7850 with 2 GB of Memory
  • Sound: Compatible S DirectX
  • Version
    DirectX: eleven

Mass Effect 4 Screenshots:

Mass Effect 4 screenshot Mass Effect 4 screenshot Mass Effect 4 screenshot Mass Effect 4 screenshot Mass Effect 4 screenshot Mass Effect 4 screenshot

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