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Medieval 2 Total War

The game in the genre of the strategy - what can prevent further game situations? Only your main character strategy in which it will be necessary to act resolutely. Medieval wars, Europe and distant Africa - That's it there to you as a player to act a unique game with a new plot and incredibly dangerous missions that you will need to be like a player go through the game. In the game Medieval 2, Total War download torrent you can free from our gaming portal, you will still need to look for the resources that will help you later.

Mongols, French, and other European nations will constantly interfere with you along the game! Want to win the game - then you need to study all the main combat characteristics of your faction that you will take at your disposal!

Story line

The troops will need to form in the course of the entire gameplay. You will become a real hero, which will be able to spend your warriors throughout the game map. Many dangerous missions awaits you in the game, but the main thing is to take care of arms for your commander. You will be able to command your army in the game - but a small dilemma will be for you - seek adventure - either play medieval Europe and fulfill your missions. A lot of tasks you have to do - look for resources and useful items - then you can surely exercise your long-standing dream - to free the earth from dangerous aggressors. Medieval warriors are the best fighters that you as a player will need to take under your wing. Great game with yak5ro-expressed storyline and an excellent dialog system. We play, enjoy and learn to study all our main characters such a fascinating game. Great gameplay and incredibly spectacular missions - a cool game, nothing more to add!


Global wars are going on, that's just in this case, you will have to visit a variety of locations as a player. The events of the game will begin to develop in Europe, and then, gradually, you will penetrate into the depth of African countries where dangerous enemies will be waiting for you. In the game you can become a real commander, because the total war is no longer behind the horizon. Martial new operations, new equipment for your player - it will all be possible to see. Download Medieval 2 Total War Through torrent you can free by visiting our game site. Excellent role-playing game with new gaming missions. So the medieval locations will die for you, given the fact that you as a player have long been able to pass such complex tasks!


The game provides for many more interesting game moments. You can see new warriors Middle Ages. You as a player can also pump the military ammunition of your main character. And you can also participate in the most dangerous military missions. Excellent and game with a new storyline. Middle Ages, new dangerous heroes - the game turned out simply gorgeous!


  • Game milestones. You have to go through many game time intervals, ranging from the UK, and ending with the African States of the Middle Ages.
  • Global missions. You will need to constantly look for a new equipment for your game fighters - after all, it will be necessary to pass very dangerous game missions, where the number of your army will constantly fall, if you can not take control of your warriors, the glasses need to earn!
  • America and Europe. Only in this version of the game you will be able to turn around, because global gaming and extensive drives will allow you to see all the dislocations of absolutely all of your opponents.

Year: 2006-2018
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: Softclub
Crack: Include
Download Size: 5.58 GB

  • OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Intel Pentium IV - 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon XP - 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB / 1 GB (for Vista / 7)
  • Video: 128 MB (GeForce 4 Ti 4400 / Radeon 9600 SE)
  • Sound: Compatible S
  • Optional: Keyboard and Mouse
  • Free Hard Drive: 11,21 GB

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Medieval 2 Total War screenshot Medieval 2 Total War screenshot Medieval 2 Total War screenshot Medieval 2 Total War screenshot Medieval 2 Total War screenshot Medieval 2 Total War screenshot

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