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Mercury Fallen

In Mercury Fallen, control a group of fearless colonists trying to survive in an alien world. The computer assisted design was sent in advance to build the Merkur metro station, but something went wrong. Your colonists will wake up and find the facility in ruins. Expand your colony, grow plants, build structures, new technologies and discover lost secrets so that your new home will survive. Mercury Fallen is a simulation game focused on building, crafting and exploration.

The decisions you make will determine the fate of your settlement. Dig and explore raw material areas and find lost colonists, ruined farms, discoveries and more. And first, hurry Mercury Fallen download torrent on our website. The game focuses mainly on building. You must build various buildings, develop settlements, expand the territory of the colony and do everything possible to make people live. However, the construction itself is not possible, especially because the construction of factories also requires resources. Try to find out what really happened on Earth a few minutes ago, take part in the technology upgrade, go on an interesting expedition to the surface and do everything possible to survive at any cost.

Grow crops and various foreign plants to produce raw materials and flour. Management of production chains for the processing of raw materials into food, building materials and robots. Colonists are indirectly controlled by finding build spaces, queuing/listing on workstations, assigning tasks, and prioritizing tasks. Each colonist has different strange comments that affect it in different ways. To find out about everything more specifically you need Mercury Fallen download torrent latest version. Collect resources, dig and look for land resources, open various technologies and continue to develop. During the excavations you can find not only resources, but much more: destroyed and buried buildings, surviving, receptions of the past.

Building buildings and vehicles to explore and operate the surface of the planets. Find hidden drawings and data collection devices along with lost objects to find new technologies and plot materials. Manage research projects to unlock tons of vehicles, models, recipes and more. You must dig deep and deep to find ancient artifacts and manuscripts that illuminate the base of the base. In addition, Sims uses archaeological research to obtain fossils to improve the colony. The main characters can create robots to use lasers to dig dark underground paths. Sometimes all the actors go to the surface in search of sources.


  • Take clones and collect robots to increase your population
  • Injuries associated with treatment, disease, childbirth, the needs and needs of migrants
  • The cost of various agricultural and foreign crops for the production of materials and food.
  • Find more colonists, robots and discoveries hidden in destroyed areas of the Mercury Foundation.
  • Creation and management of energy and water resources.
  • Discover the methods of release of new structures, recipes, cultures and many other things.
  • Send your colonist out to see the sights
  • Customize the colonists' names and clothing colors
  • Use the creation of procedures to each new game brought a new experience.

Year: 2017
Developer: Nitrous Butterfly
Publisher: Nitrous Butterfly
crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.186 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Dual Core (2.4 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • video: DirectX 11 (shader model 3)
  • Space: 300 MB

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Mercury Fallen screenshot Mercury Fallen screenshot Mercury Fallen screenshot Mercury Fallen screenshot Mercury Fallen screenshot Mercury Fallen screenshot

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