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Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is the fifth game in the brand Metroid in the main series and the successor Metroid Fusion. The game was born in the early 2000s, but technical restrictions forced the developer to leave the project. In the end, the game was created in collaboration with Nintendo and Mercury Steam Entertainment, which previously participated in the development of Metroid: SAMUS RETURNS. Enemies are located in places like a labyrinth.

As you explore each new area, the player must find all enemies. So you can perform a plot task and improve your skills and pumping levels. In certain places you can go back several times. Credit brings the user a lot of pleasures that were not at the previous stage. Metroid Dread download torrent to PCs you can right now on the links below.

Metroid Dread continues the history of the Samus Aran, the cosmic hunters for heads, having a long history of dangerous (and nominally extinct) races Metroid. The heroine is sent to the ZDR planet, which attracts the mysterious message to the Galactic Alliance. There, in addition to dangerous forms of life, he should also face unscrupulous machines called E.M.M.I. The developers also wanted the new metroid to like those who are not familiar with the series. Therefore, Dread does not require your knowledge of previous parts - its events were presented in the Prologue. Get new and familiar skills, exploring complex maze of this dangerous world. Overcome obstacles, slide into the most narrow cracks, fight the enemies and continue to explore this planet. Return to the districts that you have already crossed, and use your newly acquired skills to find weapons, alternative routes and way forward. Explore a big map, fight EMMI robots and eliminate the threat of the planet ZDR.

Metroid Dread is largely a classic example of a metriculum that makes up half of the series. So, it is two-dimensional (actually 2.5D) game in the genre of action with elements of the platform, where we have many interconnected locations instead of certain levels. We find enemies that need to be defeated, as well as various obstacles. Some of them initially block access to certain places, but over time, the samus acquires new skills that are useful not only in battle, but also for opening new paths. But first of all you need Metroid Dread download torrent on the PC. The years that have passed since the release of the last 2D version of Metroid, also brought with them some changes in the game. Metroid Dread expands famous from Fusion, changing old skills and weapons and adding new. This includes temporary reinforcements and disguise new.M.M.I. These robots patrol certain areas and immediately begin to pursue when they see samus. Their standard weapons can not stop the cars, so the samus should either escape, or evade E.M.M.I. found.

While Metroid Dread uses a typical perspective of 2D games, the developers abandoned 2D graphics in favor of 3D models and accommodation. This allows us from time to time to look at the game world through the eyes of the main character or from behind (for example, with certain skills). The game is sustained in a gloomy, futuristic style: bright colors here are rarity, but "dirty" places and shocking opponents in the order of things. Like Metroid Fusion, he created a dull atmosphere with music that leads to reflections. There are also some audiovisual accents that deserve modern production, for example: in. Changing sound under water and various special effects.

Year: 2021
Developer: MercurySteam Entertainment
Publisher: Nintendo
Crack: Included (Yuzu / Ryujinx Switch Emulators)
Download Size: 2.48 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (x64)
  • CPU: 4-Cores i5 and better
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: Nvidia geforce 970 or better
  • DirectX: eleven
  • Space: 4.8 GB

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Metroid Dread screenshot Metroid Dread screenshot Metroid Dread screenshot Metroid Dread screenshot Metroid Dread screenshot Metroid Dread screenshot

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