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Might and Magic Heroes 6

The sixth part of the series, in fact, became the continuation of those traditions and canons, which were laid in the first parts of "heroes". In fact, this and waited from toys - the fans have long wanted only one - the repetition of the old. And now every new game from the "Heroes" series - Might and Magic Heroes 6, download torrent is not an exception - it is estimated from the position "How close to the original".

Plot and picture

Compared to the last part of the series, the toy approached what was in third "heroes": again isometric world, two-dimensional figures, both in the outside world and on the battlefield. In addition, the city again became static with small, animated effects. All buildings on the map were redrawn, all the icons were converted, all units - rethought, throwing out half the creatures from the game. But on the other hand, their population increased. Although, if you return to the surrounding, it can be compared with the "empty", where the trees are beautifully decorated, and only. If you expect that Might and Magic Heroes 6 will continue the beauty that was in the fifth part - then you.


Compared with the classic genre, the toy has changed dramatically. In some places - for the better, but if we talk directly - many innovations are not at all needed by the real fans of the series. And newcomers in the game such trifles are unlikely to attract. First of all, the game changed this

  • Before the fight you can see the exact number of creatures in the enemy detachments, the unsuccessful battles are offered to replay.
  • There were seven resources - it became four
  • Mine can no longer occupy only one hero. In order for the mine to become yours, you need to capture the nearest fort / city.
  • Magic towers no longer exist. Learn spells as well as ordinary skills - getting the level you can choose what is more important for you - it is better to shoot, learn logistics 2 levels or get a fireball spell.

But it is important to understand what the toy Might and Magic Heroes 6, download torrent, can not be perceived as a whole - there are three components at once: tactical, role-playing and strategic. Tactical - these are traditional fights on the "chessboard". Fortunately, nothing has changed from the times of last part. Step-by-step battle system, the order is determined by the state of the combat spirit, the heroes in battles do not participate. Wonderful besting - all creatures are alive, they breathe, it is bored, bored. Rolling - the development of the hero. The system is complicated, and now looks like "Trees of skills". They were now ten - the Tree is divided into specializations - schools of magic, characteristics of the character, tactical skills and other. Strategic - conquest of the world. The surroundings as if sewn from different flaps - zones of influence, which are managed by fractions, with mines and housing of creatures. By the way, the latter cannot be seized, since the Empire Wars go in a global format, and not in battles for individual kernels. The occupation is fascinating, but painfully, since the hero does not make sense to walk with a large-scale army - creatures can be redeeming from all cities immediately in one place, and the enemy will be ready with his army.

Interesting Facts

Sixth "Heroes" often use the Internet. However, it is not always clear for what purpose is it better for the game itself. For example, on the map, it is also a chat-spheres, through which you can transfer messages to other players.


  • Isometric graphics
  • Updated game. In some elements, the toy was transformed, but, in general, traditional step-by-step battles, the strategic capture of the world - remained unchanged parts of the series
  • New fractions of creatures appeared
  • An Internet connection has appeared to communicate with other players

Year: 2013
Crack: Included (Prophet)
Download Size: 7.12 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 ghz / amd athlon x2 5000+
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: GeForce 9600 GT / Radeon HD 3870
  • Sound: Compatible S
    DirectX 9.0c
  • Free Hard Drive: 8 GB

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